Google Debuts Free ‘News & Weather’ App for iOS Users


Google has released yet another app for iOS users, this time an app called Google News & Weather, which brings a “comprehensive and personalized view of headline stories and local news & weather.”

Here’s the iTunes description:

  • Coverage from 65,000 publications
  • Simple swipe-access to categories such as Top Stories, Technology, Sports & Weather
  • Tune your layout with any of 60 country-specific editions and personalized news sections such as ‘Hollywood’, ‘NASA’, ‘Fashion’, or anything else that catches your fancy
  • Tap any story for a deep selection of viewpoints, including in-depth articles, Opinion, and local perspectives

The app utilizes Google’s system-wide sign-in on iOS, so you should see your existing accounts right away. Your location is used to detect weather and news (it defaults to U.S. news), but you can also change to the Canada English edition by tapping the top right menu icon.

Swiping to the left brings up various sections of news, which you can customize. Also, if you tap on the down arrow for a particular story, more news sources are revealed, similar to Google News on the web:

IMG 0235 IMG 0343

If you’re a news junkie and want another news app, this one might be worthy as Google News usually does a decent job of providing multiple sources for stories. The addition of weather is just a bonus.

Click here to download Google News & Weather for iOS—it’s free. Let us know what you think of it.


  • Riddlemethis

    I downloaded it and quickly uninstalled it. It lacks a search feature and for some reason, I dislike it. I use the News function within Google search instead.

  • It’s a decent start but I wish there was a white theme.

  • Riddlemethis

    You’re so easy to please Gary, lol. If the app was from some small indy developer I would agree. However, this is Google. I refuse to be their beta tester.

  • The app does exactly as the title says: offers news and weather. I don’t expect amazing design from Google’s iOS apps, as most are pretty simple in nature. Google already owns my life, it’s my job to submit to them!

  • Anon

    Flipboard pretty much serves all my purposes beautifully.

  • Riddlemethis

    I don’t expect an amazing design from Google, I do expect better than basic functionality. You’re right about one thing though. Google Apps are pretty simple in nature. BTW, I heard an exotic dancer say that once about her employer. lolz. :p