Google Updates & Redesigns Search App For iPhone


This morning Google launched version 2.0 of its official Search app for iPhone. The update brought a completely redesigned interface that was inspired by the iPad app.

The design begins with the start screen with new options to sign in, search, and access Google apps. There is also a new Settings shortcut and a new icon to toggle between search results and the search field.

Searches can still be done by typing, voice, or Goggles, however Google says the latter functions are much faster now with the new design.

As for actual search results, controls are now hidden until needed and results are displayed in full-screen. Search results can be emailed or opened in Safari and images from search results can now be saved to the iOS Photos app.

The Google Search app is available in the App Store.


  • Nilay Maheta

    Is this update or what? It still say Drive as Docs…

  • Some Won

    I love Google Apps and want Google Drive on my iPhone. However in this latest update, the Google Docs link doesn’t show the files properly after signing up for Google Drive. It seems to show system files for links to the Drive apps.  It is bit broken for Google docs at this point.  Google really needs to add a Google Drive app for the iPhone soon, or perhaps Apple is making that difficult for them.