iPhone X App Updates: Fido My Account, Sportsnet, Google and More [u]


Every time I see an app updated for iPhone X, it brings a smile to my face. When apps aren’t optimized, they have black borders along the top and bottom, which don’t take advantage of the new gorgeous OLED display.

Iphone x

Here are some notable apps updated recently for iPhone X:

  • Fido My Account
  • Sportsnet
  • Google
  • theScore
  • Calendars 5
  • Telus My Account
  • Carrot Rewards


  • Sonos Controller

Unfortunately, no iPhone X updates for Gmail, Google Maps or Feedly yet. What apps are you waiting to see an iPhone X update for?


  • Mr Dog

    Great idea. Would be awesome if ya kept updating this list or made a weekly post 😀

  • Justin


  • Daniel Abrahamsson

    Yes !!!

  • Ace

    CIBC updated long time ago, was one of the first apps to support iphone X screen.

  • Harold Neal

    Doesn’t seem to support face log in.

  • Ace

    Yup thats true, i was just referring to this article regarding screen optimization. Hopefully they add FaceID soon!

  • Dude…

    Spotify (can’t believe they did not planned the update in advance.. it looks like they want to loose users to Apple Music.. )
    Google Maps and TD Canada

  • John Barrett

    It would be really great if VIA Rail & Indigo would optimize their apps for iPhone 6 Plus and above. We’ve had larger screens for years now, and those two apps still aren’t optimized for my phone (iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 10.3.1)

  • Frustrated

    TD, really?
    Ha ha, we’re not in 2019 yet.

    I agree about the other apps though; I thought they would have been updated much more expeditiously.

  • Peter
  • Dude…


  • Nilay

    Spotify, Google map, Google home, Amex, Tangerine, Skype, product hunt any more… In fact apple’s own Camera app look outdated with huge top and bottom borders on X.

  • Salinger

    As long as Apple requires iTunes to listen to music on anything other than a mobile device, I think Spotify is safe. I can’t believe that it’s practically 2018 and Apple still won’t allow web streaming. Despite being pretty much entirely in the Apple ecosystem, it’s the reason I have zero interest in Apple Music.

  • Update: Sonos updated for iPhone X, also adds snooze alarm feature.

  • We’ll try to keep tabs on this!

  • Waiting on Inbox and Spotify.
    Infuse did an awesome realease and so did 1Password.

  • Riley Freeman

    yea this irritates me. Developers have had plenty of time. Get it together mybell is the same thing

  • Mrleblanc

    Picture are taken in 4:3 and even video are only taken in 16:9… obviously the camera feels kinda empty on a 18:9 screen !

  • Mr Dog

    The office suite is also updated for the X.

  • tomm

    Just got my iphone X today and have already discovered that CIBC banking and Paypal don’t work with the Face ID yet, only Touch ID, so it’s back to the passcodes. Fortunately LastPass and Wealthsingle have been updated for the Face ID.

  • tomm

    I just posted about this above. I sure hope that CIBC will support the Face ID soon, like tomorrow. It’s pretty bad omission that they updated the screen size for the X but not the unlocking. The same goes for Paypal.

  • xeronine992

    Same with Capital One. Ain’t nobody got time to remember the crazy password I use for that.. Not even going to bother with the mobile app until they update it for Face ID

  • Peter
  • Still waiting for ;
    – Clash Royal
    – Gmail/Inbox
    – fix Xbox apps
    – google music