iTunes Connect Re-Opens After The Holiday Break

Before the holidays began, iTunes Connect shut down and temporarily stopped App Store updates and developer access until December 28. The shut down was to give employees time off during the break.

As promised, iTunes Connect is back online with App Store updates and submissions being accepted. The re-opening of iTunes Connect also allows developers to see their sales numbers over the holiday break.

Over the next few hours, users will see many of their existing apps being updated as submitted applications move through the review process.

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  • It is good to see that Apple is living up to the reputation and trying hard to meet the deadlines. I think that this is the commitment that has kept them going so far, I really think that this will indeed keep them going.

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    I stumbled upon this article from Google. I really appreciate the time and effort you used to write such a wonderful article.

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    I didn’t know about shutting down iTune connect. Thanks for providing this information.