Veteran Apple Writer Jim Dalrymple Launches ‘The Loop Magazine’


Longtime well-connected Apple writer and Canadian, Jim Dalrymple, is well known for his uncanny ability to confirm or squash Apple rumours with a simple “Yep/Nope” response. Today he has launched an extension of his website with The Loop Magazine in the App Store. Users can expect exclusive content on a variety of topics written by great writers bi-weekly for a $1.99 monthly subscription, which includes a free 7 day trial.

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Click here to download The Loop Magazine. If you’re a fan of Jim’s work over at The Loop, you’re going to enjoy this.


  • Thank you for the magazine..

  • Thomas Koschate

    All right, I’m being pedantic, but you mean he’s publishing either bi-weekly or semi-monthly. Otherwise, you have Jim publishing every other month.

  • Whoops. My mind knew it was bi-weekly but my keyboard typed bi-monthly. Fixed, thanks.