Grocery Chain Metro Launches Cloud Syncing ‘My Metro’ iPhone App


Grocery chain Metro, which operates 353 locations in Ontario and Quebec, has launched an official iPhone app to enable a better shopping experience for its customers.

My Metro allows users to create usable shopping lists (you can tick off items as you shop) via the flyer built into the app or manually. Existing users will see their lists automatically synced to the app once signed in.

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The app also allows viewing of available coupons, select them and redeem them instantly from the app. Loyalty program members can enter their info to get access to more personalized coupons.

Also part of the app is a weekly menu with various recipes to go along with a built-in store locator. Let us know how you like this app and how well it works (so far reviews in iTunes seem positive).

Grocery retailers look to be upping their digital game. In May, Loblaws launched their PC Plus iPhone app to take loyalty points mobile. Back in July, Longo’s launched a grocery app for iPhone users in Toronto, with Passbook support.

Click here to download My Metro for iPhone–it’s free.


  • mrideas

    It’s actually not a bad app. I really like the virtual coupons. Fairly simple to use as well.

  • Seems like a brilliant idea. No more coupon clipping

  • steve81

    The only problem with this is that you will need to hand your phone to the cashier to scan the coupons. Then you take the risk of the phone being accidentally dropped. I’ll still carry my metro&moi card in my physical wallet.

    Starbucks is doing it the right way, you can scan your phone yourself. I use my iPhone to pay at Starbucks all the times.

  • prshan

    they should add coupon in the PASSBOOK its that simple

  • Yeah that’s true. I refuse handing over my iPhone at times.

  • Sidney R.

    I don’t recommend anyone to get their points card until they change their cancellation policy because the way it is now the points card can only be cancelled if you write a LETTER to their physical address.

  • Chrome262

    PC has an app for their plus, if you bank with them as well then your debit card is your points card. it updates on the app automatically and at Loblaws they can scan your phone without you handing it over, they have hand scanners they let you uses. And they have these insane deals all the time where you get boat loads of points. got 50 bucks worth one weekend.

  • So how does it appear on passbook? I tried downloading the app but there’s nothing regarding Metro in the Passbook app.