Monument Valley for iOS is a Free Download for First Time Ever

If you’ve been waiting to try Apple Design Award Winner, Monument Valley, now is the time because the game just went free for iOS—previously $4.59 USD in the App Store.

This summer, developer Ustwo released a free update for the game, Ida’s Dream. Monument Valley was ranked one of the best games last year and the developers revealed in June iOS downloads had approached 3 million, generating $7.5 million in revenue alone.

The team is now focusing its efforts on releasing virtual reality games, such as the trailer teased below for Land’s End.

Click here to download Monument Valley for iOS in the App Store.

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  • jabohn

    Technically it’s not the first time ever, just the first time directly on the app store. I got it for free last year through Starbucks.

  • That is correct, we forgot to note that part about the Starbucks freebie. But of course that would have meant spending $10 on a latte, so not really free 😛

  • jabohn

    Or just sneak in and grab the card. I’ve grabbed a few extras before and I only bought a small mocha. 🙂

  • YOU THIEF! 😉

    I’m sure everybody has grabbed a bunch before, sometimes it’s not on purpose either as the cards are very thin and stick together 🙂