National Geographic Makes Its World Atlas iOS App Free, Download Now


Previously available for $1.99 as a universal binary for iPhone and iPad, National Geographic’s award winning World Atlas app has just gone free in the App Store. It’s not yet clear whether the price drop is permanent or temporary, so better get downloading right away (via AppShopper).


The app has also been recently updated for 2013 with a new look, improved functionality, and brand new features. All National Geographic maps are now available in HD, with better measurement tools for more accuracy. The update also adds up-to-the-minute weather forecast as well as the latest currency conversion rates across the globe. Best of all, you can now download world map layers for offline use as well.

From the iTunes description:


The National Geographic World Atlas brings you the highest resolution images available, delivering the stunning detail, accuracy, and beauty National Geographic is known for.


See the world in any style you prefer: classic (blue ocean), antique, satellite, or road map style (provided by Bing maps).


Spin, pan, and zoom in on the world with our interactive 3-D globe and seamless world map layers. Place pins to mark spots and save them for later.


Get up-to-date information on every country and capital city in the world, including socio-economic data, demographics, weather, and currency.


Download National Geographic World Atlas For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Direct Link]


  • prettyboytomato

    The link in this article is for “World Atlas by National Geographic” which is the older, no longer supported, app. The new “National Geographic World Atlas” app can be found at

  • Your link goes to an outdated version of the app that became free today. There is another app titled “National Geographic World Atlas” that is the new version that is also free.

  • Thanks, fixed.

  • Ned

    Seems that is not well reviewed on the iTUnes App store though. A lot of crashing reported? Made me hold back on the downloading until there are more clear data on the issues.

  • Might as well download it first while it’s free. You can always delete it, then reinstall later for free.

  • AlexBrown

    Well it may be new but epic fail on first test : show me where I am – instead of Ottawa, this app thinks I am across the river in Hull, Quebec. (and come to think of it, “hull” was the old name, it’s been Gatineau for years.)