Nest Mobile 3.5 iOS Update Adds Fan Scheduling, Filter Reminders


Nest has updated their mobile app for their smart thermostat to add a variety of new features, such as the ability to schedule the fan, improved details in Energy History, reminders to change filters, plus more:

What’s New in Version 3.5.0
– Schedule the fan to turn on daily, for a few minutes each hour, or on a timer.

– View Sunblock and Cool to Dry in Energy History.

– Tap and hold the tick on the large thermostat icon to change the temperature (in addition to tapping the upper or lower half of the icon).

– Get messages for Filter Reminders.

– Remove a thermostat and add or remove a home from the app.

– Get messages for Seasonal Savings and Rush Hour Rewards and see their effect in Energy History (available with certain utility programs).

– Overall improvements and bug fixes.

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The first generation Nest Learning Thermostat is currently on sale from for $179 (22% off), while the latest second generation sells for $249. Below is our install tutorial for the latter, by @meadorsmusings:

Click here to download Nest Mobile–it’s free.


  • Love my Next, this will be the first Summer with it, and the update is with the new fan controls will help with air circulation in the house. Great product, so worth the cost.

  • djepsilon

    Can someone convince my wife that this is actually an awesome product? She has a fear of this kind of tech for some reason and it drives me nuts! Maybe I should just buy one and install it when she isn’t home?

  • I think you just answered your own question! 🙂

  • Yeah everyone I talk to is happy with it. Looks great, works as advertised.