Netflix Updates Its iPhone/iPad App With Better On-Screen Controls


Netflix yesterday released an update to its iOS app and today they have detailed the news changes on their blog.

We now have larger and improved play controls (a nice rewind 10 seconds button!), such as a bigger volume slider. When you scrub forward there are now thumbnail images, plus audio/subtitle access is now easier to access.

For Canadians, the update now makes it easier to ‘do not share’ for those with connected Facebook accounts. The settings menu within the app now allows selection of streaming when connected to Wi-Fi only. This offers protection for those with limited mobile data plans.

Dear Netflix–Please Introduce a “Watch It Later” Feature for Canada

What I would like to see for Canadian users is the addition of a queue/list feature so I can keep tabs on what I want to watch next. I can’t recall how many times I see something worth watching on my iPad or iPhone and want to save it to watch later, only to have it disappear into the library somewhere.

It was just earlier this week Netflix announced an expansion of UFC content for its Canadian library.

Click here to sign up for Netflix–the first month is a free trial, after that it’s $7.99/month.


  • Markholoubek

    My biggest issue with the iOS (and Apple TV) versions of Netflix is the lack of a label warning when a movie or show is expiring within the next week. I have a Sony Blu-Ray player, which, while having a terrible Netflix UI, at least lets me know when there isn’t much time left to view something. 

  • draz

    I love Netflix especially all the “Hero” movies they added this year.

    I still VPN to the US Netflix on my computer. But I am find that I just end up watching something on the Canada library instead.

  • Gavin

    My biggest gripe with Netflix Canada is the pathetic lack of content. Any time I go into the New releases section i see the same “new releases” ive been seeing for months.

    I think theyve had enough time to work out their Canadian licensing issues. Im about ready to cancel.