Onavo Count For iOS Lets You Track Which Apps Are Using Up Your Data Plan [VIDEO]


Update: Some users have noted this app has messed up their cellular data settings, causing apps such as MyAccount from Rogers/Fido to not work properly. Use at your own risk while we follow up with Onavo.

Onavo Mobile has introduced a brand new iOS app called Onavo Count, that allows users to keep track of their mobile data plan by showing how much data is being consumed by their installed applications and mobile activities in a simple, colourful app. Best of all, it is available as a free download in the App Store.

The Onavo Count data usage manager app basically displays weekly data usage charts to help users track each app’s data usage. Users can view up to a 30 day overview of their apps’ data usage. The app uses gauges to measure each app’s overall mobile data usage and displays them in the form of a colourful interface. The app claims to prevent excessive battery drainage by using cloud-based technologies.

From the iTunes description:

Onavo Count can also be combined with the power of Onavo Extend, our blockbuster, free app that extends your data plan by up to 5 times, to give you the ultimate, worry free mobile data experience!


30 day overview of app’s data usage
App profiles with weekly data usage tracking
Ranking of apps by data usage
Battery friendly
Seamless integration with Onavo Extend


Data visualization graph of 30 days of mobile data usage 
App data usage gauge 
Weekly app data usage charts


  • Dee

    This app screwed up my phone. My phone kept saying it was no longer able to access cellular data. When I uninstalled and restart it, fido my account app is no longer able to authenticate my iPhone 5.

  • Jason

    Same here f***. My fido account app is now screwed.

  • Thanks for this. We have contacted Onavo about this and will see how we can fix it.

  • Setak

    Same for Rogers, myaccount cannot authenticate. and at first i could use my 3g/lte anymore, had to reset network settings and then turn airplane mode on off to make it work, but myaccount still doesnt work

  • Setak

    btw i deleted the app before resetting the network settings

  • Jason

    I’ve removed both the Onavo Count and “My Fido Account” app, reset my phone. Downloaded the My Fido Account app and it still didnt work. Just got off the phone with Fido. They are telling me I will need to restore my phone once i get home in order for “Fido My Account” to work properly again. “Onavo Count” what a great app….NOT

  • Johnnygoodface

    Wow! You should really either display a warning or simply remove this article! I’m lucky enough to have NOT installed their certificate! Pfeeww!

  • We’ve updated this article with a warning at the beginning, stated after the first comment was received.

  • Apple_Sauce

    Apparently this app sends all your data to their servers to verify the usage details.
    I can not verify this is true, just reading the comments about the app. However if it is true, it could have some serious security concerns associated with running it.

  • Shane

    Same story, could not connect to myaccount on Rogers. Deleted the profile, removed the app, did a reset of network settings, once the phone was back up, enabled airplane mode, then disabled airplane mode. Problem resolved, could now connect to Rogers using myaccount.

  • Dee

    Exactly what I had to do. Deleted the app, deleted fido my account, reset data settings and restarted the phone….then reinstalled fido my account

  • Chris

    It’s not authenticating due to the fact that your data transfers through their servers, which is how they can track usage per app. Everything you do will go over their servers.

  • Rogers ‘my account’ wasn’t working before I installed this app. It has not caused any problems with cellular access on either iPhone or iPad. Rogers support was no help at all. At least I have an idea of how much data I am using

  • NoOneCares

    Onavo Extend does the same thing – sends data through their servers – so Rogers/Fido MyAccount can’t authenticate your phone – just like it can’t on wifi. When you delete the app, you also need to delete the profile you authorized it to setup. No need to delete the MyAccount app to fix this.