PayPal’s New iOS And Android Apps Make Mobile Payments & Shopping Easier [VIDEO]


PayPal’s all new iOS and Android apps, that have been designed to serve as a full-fledged digital wallet, promise to deliver a more seamless experience when paying for items in stores and retail outlets. The updated app makes it easier to pay using various stored accounts (bank accounts and credit cards) at different locations, while a new ‘Shop’ tab lets users find shops or restaurants nearby that accept PayPal payments.

Check in to Pay

The updated PayPal app makes it easier for users to switch between payment methods while on the go, such as buying a coffee with a credit card and then paying for the lunch via their bank account. The update also introduces the option to open a line of credit in the app using Bill Me Later. Another cool feature in the new PayPal app is the the ability to “order ahead” at restaurants. By checking in using the app, users can access the restaurants where order ahead feature is available, and the app will then show its full menu. Once they click order, they’ll be able to bypass the line at local restaurants and cafes. Cool eh!

“Thousands of restaurants, cafes, clothing stores and other retail locations in the US, UK, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Canada now allow shoppers to pay just using their mobile phones. The new app is delivering on the promise to help consumers get the most of their money, on their terms, in a way that no one else can.”

Take a look at the all new PayPal mobile app (still yet to hit the Canadian App Store) in action in the video below:


  • Anon

    This updated PayPal app still isn’t available yet in Canada, as of today.

  • Seems like it’s still propagating in the App Store. Hope it comes soon.

  • Chrome262

    If Tim’s or other major coffee places had this its all I would use lol.

  • gottherightstuff

    The app is here, I got it!

  • gottherightstuff

    For Canada I meant! Check your update for 5.0.1

  • Boom! 🙂

  • Chrome262

    Just updated pretty sweet

  • This is quite brilliant. From a branding point-of-view, I find it amazing. It’s the first case I can recall seeing where a major change to a service years down the road actually fits the brand name better than it did before. Makes me wonder if they had this functionality in mind from the get-go.

  • Okay, MAJOR frustration with the app. It won’t let me paste in a password. It’ll paste it in, but it won’t let me submit it. Since I use 1Password to create random passwords for all my logins, it means I pretty much can’t log in to the app using only my phone.

    I either have to do a tricky copy-paste swap where I delete the last character on notepad and then copy that, paste it in to the app and type the last character; or I have to read the password off my computer and type it in letter-by-letter, which is a huge PITA.

    I won’t be using this app until they get that fixed. 🙁