Chillingo’s Pixel People – Fun And Addictive [Review]

Pixel People is the latest freemium game from Chillingo that combines city building and genetic engineering into a fun and additive game. The city building mechanic is very simple. You can place buildings, roads, trees, and other objects anywhere. They don’t need to connect, and aside from residential, and workplace buildings, everything else is optional.














What’s most interesting and addictive about Pixel People is splicing. You take a generic clone from the Arrival Center, and splice it with the DNA of two existing people to make a new one. For example, if you splice a Mechanic with an Engineer, you’ll make a Mechanical Engineer, and if you splice an Accountant with another Accountant you’ll make a Magician. Clearly, many of the outcomes are unpredictable, and that’s part of the fun. Also, many of the new people will come with a new building, and each building provides you with income. Additionally, you’ll get more income and sometimes a bonus when you fill them.

I quickly became addicted to Pixel People, because there was so much to do. I wanted to keep building my city, splicing new people, and earning more money. Also, whenever I spliced a new person, and it came with a new building, I was compelled to figure out “the recipes” for the unknown people in that building, so I could fill it.

Incoming clone!

Incoming clone!

My city after playing for a few hours

My city after playing for a few hours














Pixel People is well paced for the first hour or so. I didn’t have to wait much time to buy whatever I felt I needed. However, like all freemium games, the more I played, the longer I had to wait to generate enough money to keep playing, unless I bough some through an in-app purchase.

If you’re in the mood for a simple, fun, and addictive game, and don’t mind waiting or spending a few dollars, you can download Pixel People for free from the App Store. Then let us know if you get addicted or tell us why you didn’t.

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  • ASUN

    Downloaded this. Played for a few days. Got bored. Deleted earlier today. It gets boring after a while. Game seems too easy.