‘Pronto’ App for iPhone Checks your PRESTO Card Balance and It’s Free for #Canada150


Pronto Checker is an iPhone app which utilizes your smartphone’s camera to check the balance of your PRESTO card. Users can login to the app with their existing PRESTO credentials and see their balance, without going to the website.

The app normally retails for $1.39 CAD, but it’s going free for a week starting today, as part of Canada 150.

Features of the app:

– Scan your card number with the camera
– Login using your registered credentials
– See your balance in Today Extension
– Supports multiple accounts and cards

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The Canadian developer behind the app, Jerry Yu, told iPhone in Canada one of his motivating factors to create Pronto, was the clunky website. He wanted to simplify the process to let people check their PRESTO balance only, anytime, saying “I wanted to make it easier for people, which in turn helps increase their use of public transportation.”

The app sends your personal data from your iPhone to the PRESTO website over a secure connection, ensuring user privacy.

Click here to download Pronto Checker for iPhone in the App Store while it’s free. Let us know how you like it.


  • MleB1

    Great idea, but less enthralled by having my credentials and balance (essentially, everything you need for skimming) going thru a 3rd Party provider – despite the assertion its safe.

  • Jerry

    Hi, I’m the developer of Pronto. I certainly understand your concern – it’s also partly why I created this application instead of using apps currently on the App Store.

    Nonetheless I agree the real issue is that PRESTO does not provide any way of getting that information except by logging in with the user’s account info.

    If you are concerned, you can purchase a new card and keep it “anonymous”, that is don’t register it with an account. Then you can still use Pronto by giving it the card number.