‘QuasiDisk’ iOS App Brings Tethering Without A Carrier Contract, Available In App Store [Download Now]


Yet another iOS app with hidden tethering capabilities has made its way past Apple’s tight security into the App Store. It’s called QuasiDisk and helps users tether via proxy without any carrier tethering contract. Available for download at a price of $1.99, the app purports to be a file manager for the iPhone, but in the recent update to version 1.1, it secretly got the ability to tether via proxy.

Like always, Apple will be taking the app down pretty quick so if you want to enjoy tethering without a carrier plan, you might want to grab it before it’s too late. Here is the direct App Store link:

Check out the following QuasiDisk tethering YouTube video:


  • Godsd3vil

    ios 5 supports tethering why do we need these apps ?


    Yes, ios5 SUPPORTS tethering, but you will still have to pay for a plan that allows the tethering.  Using an app allows you to tether without the additional cost. 

  • Cc

    Is just good for us users all plan in canada include tether now some old plan is not include

  • Anonymous

    Say what?

    If I understand you correctly… You’re saying that all plans in Canada include tethering? Nope, only plans that are 1GB or higher include it in the cost.

  • Tommy

    The Telus $30 for 6GB includes Tethering.

  • Dongski

    It’s gone!

  • Marlon2376

    How is the app used to tether to ipad? app seem to have been removed around 330est.

  • Telus basic $50 voice & data plan (500MB) includes tethering.