Sparrow Announces iPhone 5 Support Coming In Next Update


Back in July, Sparrow team announced its acquisition by Google saying that they do not plan to release any future updates for the Sparrow iOS and Mac apps. Despite the early statement, the much-loved email client will soon be getting an iPhone 5 compatibility update, according to Sparrow founder Dom Leca (via TNW).

Sparrow team tagged the iOS and Mac apps as ‘bug fix only’ when it was acquired by Google, stating that they are joining the Gmail team to accomplish a bigger vision. However, a recent update to Sparrow for Mac brought support for Apple’s Retina display and Mountain Lion’s Notification Center and now, an iPhone 5 compatibility update is expected soon.

Here’s the tweet by Sparrow’s founder:

Google reportedly acquired Sparrow for around $25 million, in an effort to bring polish and ease of use to all of its Gmail experiences across various platforms. Paris-based Sparrow team was then moved to Google’s main Mountain View campus for company’s future projects.


  • Anthony ?

    I used to use Sparrow for iPhone but gave up on it once they announced no further feature updates following Google’s “talent acquisition”. Without push (originally announced to be offered one way or another) it remains of limited use, and while push options are available via Jailbreaking and 3rd party push apps, I’ve gone back to using

    It’s too bad, Sparrow had a lot of promise until Google got their hands on the team.

  • Won’t use sparrow anymore. They do not deserver to be trusted.