Sparrow iPhone App Launches Worldwide Starting in the UK [UPDATED]


Update 1: Sparrow is now available in Canada. There’s no push, but our Boxcar tutorial will help you work around that. Also, Exchange/POP accounts are not supported, only IMAP.


Sparrow for iPhone is slowly propagating worldwide across all the App Stores, as the highly anticipated iPhone mail client has finally been released. Originally created for the Mac, Sparrow is set to be seen as the first real viable alternative to Apple’s Mail app, for a price of £1.99. You can check out the first early in-depth review from MacStories.

Loren Brichter, the founder of Tweetie (now the mashed up twitter app) has been an advisor to Sparrow, so expect some of his influence to be felt throughout the app.

iTunes description below:

Sparrow is an iPhone mail client designed with love to provide you with an efficient and pleasant mailing experience.
With its pane navigation, its new threading system and many
new features, you’ll never look back.

Warning: Sparrow does not support POP accounts yet.


– Full IMAP support:
Use your Gmaill, Google Apps, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, Mobile Me and custom IMAP accounts.
– Unified Inbox
All your mails in a unique mailbox.
– Attachments
Directly attach photos & images when composing a mail. No more cumbersome back and forth with your photo library.
– Up & down your conversations
Swipe up of down on a message to navigate a conversation.
– Everything is a swipe away
Swipe once to uncover your mailboxes, labels and folders.
Swipe again to get to your account list.
– Faces
Mail is much nicer with your friends’ profile pictures.
– Message swipe
Star, add a label, archive or delete a conversation right away simply by swiping a message.
– Smart contacts
Your most frequent contacts on top of the list.
– Quick mailbox switch
Navigate between your inbox, unread and favorites by tapping/swiping the top bar.
– Mark all as read
One click to rule them all. You can also press a message for a few seconds to mark it as read/unread.
– Thread view
Tap the top bar in the conversation to quickly navigate all messages in a thread.
– Pull to refresh
Finally, the simplest way to refresh comes to email.
– Priority Inbox support
Automatically identify your important email and separates it out from everything else.
– Alias
Have a pro and a private mail address? Use alias to keep things separated.
– Powerful search
Local and remote search allow you to find the mail you’re looking for.

And many more features crafted with love to discover:
– Quick sender switch in compose window
– Mark all as read
– Read/unread with a long press on a message cell
– Reply all quick switch…

Coming in future versions
– Localization
– Landscape mode
– Built-in browser
– Send and Archive
– Only show specific label/folder

Sparrow for iPhone should hit the Canadian App Store later tonight or earlier tomorrow morning. I’m interested in taking its swiping gestures for a test drive.


  • Max

    I am so looking forward to this

    Hope it’s just as good as what they say!

  • Bordel

    Wow, looks fantastic.
    What about exchange accounts and notifications, how will they work?

  • It’s in the Canada store now

  • michael shaffer

    I tried Sparrow … it’s OK … but for those who get a lot of e-mail and like to organize it, I don’t know how the Sparrow people expect us to do without rules …

  • Daniel

    Zero iOS integration… ‘nough said.

  • Anonymous

    All I can say about this is “meh”.

  • I know a lot of ppl have mixed opinions–and that’s ok–but I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the alias feature in Sparrow and for that alone I wont be going back to I can expand on this if anyone’s interested.

  • Anonymous

    Yea, from what I read and the screenshots, I don’t see anything that would make me pay extra for it and stray away from the

  • Whoops.. here it is:

    What I absolutely love so far about Sparrow on IOS is the ability to use aliases to compose emails. I work for multiple companies and have all my accounts feeding into a “master” gmail account, and have aliases setup so within gmail I can reply from whichever account the message is sent to without thinking twice.

    In iOS, I could not do this and had to add in either all the other email accounts in full (then remove them from the master gmail account and lose the archive of all sent and received messages in one place) or do the imap trick where you include all the emails you want to send from using a comma and space (google that if you’re interested). That option worked, BUT I had to select the account I wanted to reply from every time I tried to reply. No big deal, I know, but often I forgot to do this and ended up replying with the wrong email account.

    Sparrow does this automatically. I setup my aliases, and now every message I receive and send is logged in my master gmail account, and every time I reply to a received message, the correct address is selected automatically. Lovely!

    But yes, the push thing is a hoped-for feature. For now I’ll use (edit: now using Boxcar) for push and Sparrow for replying/composing. The UI is great and faster/more intuitive. I haven’t tried Sparrow on the desktop, might have to now.

    Sent with Sparrow (

  • DjDATZ

     Yea, that’s not really a feature I need, and as far as I can understand, that is its killer feature.

  • Kyle Olovson

    I bought this just bc I like new ish. Afterwards I realized that this app doesn’t support POP accounts? WTF? For those of you unaware, this means that you don’t get your emails until you open the app and at that point, it refreshes with new mail. No notifications, no banners. Aside from it being aesthetically pleasing, the thing is rubbish for the everyday email user ( 2 or 3 person email accts ). 

    Save your $2.99 and stick with the