Rogers Sportnet NOW for iOS Adds In-App Purchase Option


Rogers Sportsnet NOW was first launched back in March, offering a standalone live-streaming sports option to Canadians, without the need for a cable subscription, at $24.99 per month.

The streaming service’s iOS app was updated today to now offer in-app purchases right from your device. The Sportsnet NOW app update also got featured by Apple, earning a prominent placement in the App Store:

IMG 0224 IMG 0223

The service offers a free 7-day trial, but this ongoing Energizer promo offers the first month free (with negative billing, beware).

Sportsnet NOW is also available on tvOS and the web, allowing subscribers to watch from any device. Anyone subscribed to Sportsnet NOW at the moment?


  • Glassbase

    I use it with my cable subscription login while on the go and the service can be flaky. Especially for popular events.

    If TSN goes this route, I’ll cancel cable and just subscribe to both their services. (LEGAL) HD sports is really my only reason to hang onto cable.

    Edit – FYI you can AirPlay SN Now

  • Bafoon

    have they fixed their streaming yet, when i attempt to watch sports on their app its near unplayable with all the buffering and stop starts.

  • Tim

    I’ve been using a month-long trial and am not going to continue with it. I use it on my Xbox One S and constantly get a network error message pop up on the screen. It makes watching anything hard.

  • Jon

    I’d settle for TSN updating their app to support the 6/6+ screen sizes and add in airplay support. Anything on top of that is a bonus.