Starbucks Canada’s Free App Pick of the Week: Tetris

We first told you about the launch of App Store apps as part of Starbucks Canada’s ‘Pick of the Week’. This was previously only available in the U.S., just like the ability to pay for drinks with the Starbucks iPhone app. Boy, times sure have changed, eh?

Every Tuesday, a new ‘Pick of the Week’ is launched at Starbucks and this time around it’s the classic game Tetris, by EA. You should see a display like the one below at your local Starbucks. Just grab a card, and redeem the promo code right on your iPhone. Enjoy!

Thanks @YVRBCbro for the heads up!

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  • Anonymous

    While this is nice, somehow the Starbucks in Quebec City don’t have the cards… I’ll gladly accept anyone who would be so kind as to share a code with me!

  • Maybe ask people on twitter, or I’ll se if I can get a few extras!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! I’ll do that!

  • Ozzystone

    any luck?

  • Anonymous

    No luck!  🙁

  • Mkmawani

    I have a few codes if anybody needs them

  • Anonymous

    it would be great as I am at Starbucks in Quebec City and we have no cards here!

  • Cheers

    Picked up an extra card for u this morning in Ottawa, lemme know if u still need it!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I could use it as I’ve had no luck at all!! Thanks a lot for this generosity!

  • Cheers

    Do u want me to post the code here or email it to you?

  • Anonymous

    you can DM it to me on Twitter @Sylanel otherwise, use my nickname at gmail. Thank you very much once again!!!

  • I’ll see if I can get some extras for you guys 🙂
    I had an earlier giveaway on twitter.

  • Hey everyone, I am about to publish 8 Tetris promo codes in a new post on the blog. Check the main page ASAP. 🙂 You guys got the heads up first (before this gets out on twitter).

  • Hey Gary!

    Did you have any luck in getting more codes? I would LOVE to get this app free!! 🙂


  • Sorry I’m all out :/

    Best to wait for EA to have a holiday sale and get this for $0.99! 🙂