Loyalty Card Digitizer ‘Stocard’ Gets Touch ID Support, Notification Centre Widget


Stocard launched in Canada last summer, to help digitize your loyalty cards into an app on your iPhone. The app supports various Canadian loyalty cards from business such as Canadian Tire, Esso, Shoppers Drug Mart, Canada Post and more.

The app was updated today to bring Touch ID support, which will enable users to quickly unlock the app via Apple’s fingerprint sensor. Also new is the ability to add the app as a widget to Notification Centre.

What’s New in Version 3.13
With this update we’ve squashed some bugs.

If you haven’t had the chance yet, check out our new widget and optional Touch ID lock of Stocard

The Touch ID settings page also asks for a password as a ‘fallback’ in case Touch ID doesn’t work. The problem here? Your password is shown in plain view as you type it, plus there’s no confirmation prompt to inform you the new password has been accepted, which is confusing.

IMG 0350

Limitations of Stocard include not being able to use it at self-pay gas station pumps, which don’t have bar code scanners for loyalty cards. So for your gas station loyalty cards, you’ll have to wait for pay stations to update in the future.

Click here to download Stocard—it’s free. Anyone been using Stocard?


  • Phil

    they were actually added last month in their previous update 😉

  • You’re right. Touch ID was added on Sept. 19

  • Dean

    Been using this pretty much since it came out. I love it, I recommend it, & I get asked about it almost everywhere I use it!

  • tomm

    One problem I have always had is Thrifty Foods, their scanners did not work with this app and the clerk had to type in the card manually every time. Now they have switched to Air Miles and it is the same thing, their scanners don’t work with it, so they have to type it manually. To make things more frustrating, for some reason, they won’t let you redeem your points unless you have the card itself (for some unimaginable security reason) which pretty much makes this app useless.

  • Does the same go for scanning the Air Miles app? I’ve yet to try both methods at Thrifty’s.

    Speaking of which, Sobey’s has really watered down the quality there.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Maybe if more and more people use apps like Stocards then the merchants have to update their scanners. I have not tried this at Shoppers. I will soon.

  • Dean

    For the longest time, Shoppers Drug Mart couldn’t accept scanning phones because of their scanners, but recently, they’ve been doing it for me. They must have just recently updated their scanners.