Free LogMeIn Alternatives for iOS: VNC Viewer (Formerly $10) and TeamViewer


Still sad from LogMeIn shutting down their free service? Have no fear as there are a couple alternatives worth trying out. For starters, VNC Viewer for iOS, the companion app to RealVNC is currently a free download today—it normally retails for $9.99 in the App Store.

RealVNC for your Mac/PC is free for individual private use, which means it’s pretty basic and does not encrypt your data over Wi-Fi connections.

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Click here to download RealVNC for iOS.

Another alternative to LogMeIn, which many of you have told us about, is TeamViewer. Both the iOS and Mac/PC apps are free and let you control your computer from your device for personal use (a pop up reminds you of this). We found TeamViewer to be pretty easy to use with a good interface on iOS.


Click here to download TeamViewer for iOS.

Let us know what your favourite LogMeIn alternative is!


  • dallashinton

    TeamViewer is fantastic!! Good support (for free users) and a great product!

  • I’ve been a RealVNC user for many years. A little peeved it’s free, cause I paid $10 for it!

  • Dang :/

    Looks like they want to capitalize in LogMeIn’s loss and is going free on iOS and Android.

  • SlyG

    Team viewer is great 😉 i use it since 2011

  • Aliasgar Babat

    Hey, another very good alternative for iOS is RHUB`s remote support servers. It allows you to remotely access computers from iPhones, iPads etc.