The Weather Network for iPad Gets New iOS 7 Redesign and Features


The Weather Network has officially announced a brand new app for Apple’s iPad, redesigned for iOS 7. The new update also brings new features such as a dynamic dashboard, weather alerts for saved locations, better video content and better layers to the weather map (which includes traffic flow and lightning detection). 

What’s New in Version 3.0.38

  • Totally redesigned look and feel, made specifically for iOS 7
  • Dynamic dashboard with localized content for selected locations
  • Weather alerts issued for saved locations in Canada, United States and the United Kingdom
  • Richer video content, including live streaming and specialized content
  • New map layers: You can now layer our radar, satellite, lightning and traffic flow (provided by Beat the Traffic) all at once

Weather network ipad ios 7

The new dynamic dashboard can update and follow you based on your location plus allow up to 20 saved favourite locations. 

In a statement, Gita Ashar, Director of Mobile Applications and Emerging Technologies at The Weather Network said there are over 5 million iOS app users to date. When asked when these new features would be coming to the iPhone, we were told they are iPad-only for now.

What’s your favourite weather app for iPad?

Click here to download The Weather Network for iPad—it’s free.


  • Anon

    “The Weather Channel” App is way better appearance wise, with NO annoying banner ads.

  • reformcanada

    I still have the old school “WeatherEye” app from the weather network, one of their early app releases. Still works great on iOS 7. I find it quick and best of all no ads and doesn’t use as much space and energy as their “new and improved” versions.

  • Anon

    You should upgrade to “The Weather Channel” app. It’s by far, the best weather app out there, with no ads.

  • wahwah

    Or just jailbreak and run adblock and have no more ads period. Anywhere, including YouTube and the likes.

  • ticky13

    If you’re not wanting radar or any of that other fancy stuff, SkyMotion is superior to any other weather app I’ve ever seen.