WhatsApp Updated: Finally Brings Group Chat!


WhatsApp is the best cross platform messaging app and this morning it was updated with–group chat! So if you’ve been waiting for this feature, hit up the App Store and grab that update!

What’s New In Version 2.6.1

* group chat

NOTE: if you are in Mexico (country code +52), do not upgrade to version 2.6.1 yet due to a bug we just discovered.

Thanks to Darryn for the tip!


  • marchie_78

    Does WhatsApp work for ipod touch like Beluga does?

  • Guest

    This app sounds really cool and all. But no one I know uses it. And I am not going to start trying to convince everyone I know to get it. Apple should inclue a native preinstalled messaging program like this into the IOS that works with the regular messaging app. A kind BBM except for iphone.

  • Yes

  • It’s an amazing app, and I managed to get a tonne of friends on it when it was free during its initial release. But yes, a native chat app could be coming iOS 5.

  • Am I semi-idiotic? I can’t seem to figure out how to add someone to a chat in progress or even how to initiate a group chat. Do all parties need to be updated to latest version?

  • Anonymous

    On the chat tab where you see all the conversations, pull down. Above the search bar it should say “Broadcast Message” and “Group Chat.”

  • AnonymousGuy

    I’ll stick with MSN Live Messenger for now. It’s free and supports both Facebook and MSN chat, which is all you really need.

  • John

    App has been updated to 2.6.2 which corrects problem.

  • Dennis

    That’s what people say who have never tried it. It’s well worth the 99 cents. Pretty much everyday I convert iPhone and bb users to get it. Once they do, it becomes their primary message tool.

  • Dennis

    I first learned about whatsapp here from Gary. Ever since, I have been converting iPhone and bb users alike. If you don’t have it, you’re missing out. I would pay a lot more for it than the buck they charge. I like that it’s free for bb users because they will download it without worry if they don’t like it since they already have bbm. This way it creates a universal messaging tool for iPhone and bb users. I have friends who have bought a Torch just so that they can have the iPhone experience but with bbm. Once I got them to get whatsapp they kicked themselves. They prefer it over bbm and are stuck now with an inferior phone.
    I can go on and on. It just messages so fast and works so perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything else. It’s no surprise that the app is so clean and professional, since the creators use to work for Yahoo. Apple should approach them for the rights to use it natively on the iPhone.

  • +1

  • James00

    WHat’s the diff between this and say a text message?

  • Lkjohnson

    Thanks for your reply. I have been searching everywhere for instructions. It’s simple but not obvious!

  • Guest

    Can contacts be added to a group chat once its been started?  If so, how?  We have a group of only 5 and want to delete 1 add others but cannot seem to figure out how.  Thanks!