Why Apple Maps Still Hasn’t Improved Compared to Google Maps [PICS]


When Apple Maps debuted within iOS 6 it was pale in comparison to the Google Maps experience from iOS 5. The blunder caused Apple CEO Tim Cook to publicly apologize for the miscue and also resulted in iOS chief Scott Forstall being fired. The release of Google Maps for iOS in mid-December came as a blessing to those that relied on maps for navigation within iOS. reader Ex shares his frustrating experience still with Apple Maps in Vancouver. The first result when searching for “Lions Gate Bridge” within Apple Maps turns up a location in England (left). In Google Maps for iOS? The first result is the actual Lions Gate Bridge (right).

Photo 4 Photo 3

When it comes to hybrid satellite views, Apple Maps still exhibits a crazy Inception-like view (left), whereas Google Maps for iOS shows the bridge exactly as it should appear:

Photo 1 Photo 2

Apple continues to improve its maps application but it appears there still is a long way to go before it can meet the previous standards set by Google Maps. For this reason alone, Google Maps has replaced Apple Maps on my iPhone 5’s dock and will remain there until Apple maps has improved.

Anyone else using Google Maps as their default map app?


  • David Vandervelde

    Yes. I use google maps as default.

  • KTSP

    there’s no point improving it, cuz nobody uses apple maps anyways.

  • FragilityG4

    Nope. I don’t like the google map app. It’s a step back from what it was as a native iOS app.
    I haven’t had a problem with iOS maps despite all the embellishing that’s being going on since its inception.

    Google maps have its problems, I find their not accurate to where houses and business’ are on the street. iOS maps I find are way more accurate.
    And all other mapping companies have their draw backs as well.

    My opinion is if you like them, use them. If you don’t, don’t. Regardless of your choice, lets stop talking about it because this conversation has run its course.

  • CMfly

    considering on my iPhone4 google maps gives me voice turn by turn navigation and apple maps do not… It’s a pretty easy choice.

  • Frank

    I’m pretty sure they’ll come up with apple maps 2.0 at WWDC. Creating a big update is way more impressive than improving small details over time. It’s all about marketing in the end! 😛

  • Jon

    How is turn by turn directions a step backward? It couldn’t do that as a native app.

  • jabohn

    I haven’t found too much wrong with Apple Maps compared to Google Maps which can have it’s own set of errors. But this past weekend I gave Maps an exact address with the city too (West Kelowna) and every time it takes me to Salmon Arm (over 100km north) and a street name that’s not even close.

  • Andrew

    Maps version, Lions Gate looks more fun to drive 😀

  • Kj

    What I find most funny is people forget it took google maps 10 years to be where it is…all most admit it was pretty good for right out of the gates…apples blunder was over hyping and and under producing their maps…

  • Wait, you do have a point here.

  • FragilityG4

    Okay I’ll give you one thing.

  • These kind of errors need to be fixed ASAP.

  • I think with speed we can conquer gravity.

  • Google set the bar very high. Apple tried to tell us their solution was great, when it wasn’t.

  • Anon

    Sure, Apple maps is far more accurate. Got to love the accuracy in the Lions Gate Bridge photo above. ROLF

  • FragilityG4

    And google maps are without flaws? If you typed in “Lions Gate” it takes you to the right place. You can report the problem in the app (something I haven’t seen for google) every time I type into google an address it always shows me the destination down the street or on the opposite side … Always.

  • Ralph

    Ugh…a case of fan boy dementia There is no way in a dogs arse that apple maps is better than the google maps. I mean… seriously?

  • Ralph

    exactly. just bury the thing already.

  • FragilityG4

    Or is this google worshipping?

    Once again, in my opinion the experience I have had with both apps I have found that iOS maps work better. Perhaps you should try iOS maps instead of worshiping google and listening to a few upset people.

  • wuju

    Can’t access the addresses in my address book from Google map, that killed it for me. I’m pretty happy with Apple map so I’m sticking with it – I’m sure Apple will improve on it, a matter of when. Hopefully soon though

  • Serg

    I think you might be on to something!!!!

  • Trevor Saliba

    I actually experienced the opposite. The reason I installed google maps in the first place was because over time, Apple maps kept telling me I still had a long way to go before my destination, then I’d see it as we passed it by… I actually liked the maps at first, but once it started messing up pretty frequently, I ditched it.

  • Sorry, I agree with him. I get just as many errors with google as I do with Apple’s Maps, that is to say pretty few. Maybe it’s just where I live/travel but I feel this issue has been overblown.

  • an error was given because a city wasn’t entered to accompany a Landmark name. So what? I have entered street addresses and intersections into google and gotten the wrong city. It’s not the program it’s the User. Be mor specific.

  • beavisaur

    They will announce Apple Maps 2.0, but ‘one more thing’ it will only be available on the iPhone 5s or higher.

  • Westwood

    I tend to use both. If one is giving me trouble finding somthing I swap to the other. I liked that I could add business’s contact that i had searches for direct to my contacts from google when it was native to IOS. I can’t seem to figure out how to do that now. I can from Apple maps so that is a positive for me.

  • John

    In my little corner of the world, Apple map is much more accurate than Google map for iOS. There is at least a .5 km inaccuracy (sometimes more) in the Google map, whereas the Apple map is spot-on.

  • henry3dogg

    “When it comes to hybrid satellite views, Apple Maps still exhibits a crazy Inception-like view (left), whereas Google Maps for iOS shows the bridge exactly as it should appear”

    Garbage. In plan it appears as it should on iOS and in an oblique view it appears distorted on Google earth in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.

    We’ve had all the fake evidence. Apple’s 3D maps are so far ahead of Google’s it makes Google’s look like a joke. If you don’t like the effect in areas where full 3D data doesn’t yet exist, then don’t use an oblique 3D view in such areas in either iOS Maps or in Google’s.

    But stop pretending that it’s some sort of iOS specific bug. It isn’t and never was.

  • excaliburca

    Like Safari vs Chrome for iOS, I only use Apple Maps when the app I am using it defaults to it. Otherwise it sits in my “Replaced Apps” folder and doesn’t get touched.

  • LoWd0Wn

    Reading all the different comments it brings me to the conclusion that – it depends on the area of which app works best. For me it is google maps too. apple keeps giving me the wrong results and the navigation is off too
    Also in using turn by turn with Google Maps I get the voice over my cars audio system but not with apple. I can only hear it from the phone.

  • I use nav all of the time, I haven’t moved from my iPhone 4 to any higher version solely for Tim’s insane ruling to force a crap iOS and it’s app down our throats. I’d rather stay with ios5 and know that when an email with an address comes in…. The default app that gets it will be maps (by google) and not crapple maps, rather than having to copy and paste, and manually invoking google maps. As far as the comments from fanboy/gal types below that love crapple, some people even like the taste of prarie oysters with carrot juice.

  • Eric

    I prefer the look and feel of Apple maps on my ipad. Google maps is an iPhone app on a big screen. However I don’t rely on Apple maps, I use Google for that, I only use apple maps for basic things like, “I wonder where Scranton is?” Not how to get there.

  • DL

    The headline of this post is misleading. At no point does the post discuss WHY Apple maps “still hasn’t improved compared to Google Maps”.

  • Dan

    Okay so there’s not actually anything in this article about why apple maps are still behind google maps…

  • Apple Maps hasn’t improved as shown in the two pictured examples above. The image for the bridge is messed up and searching for the bridge takes us to England. That shouldn’t happen.

  • Apple_Saunce

    I am definitely using the Google Map App, with the voice nav it is great, Apple will need to go a looooong way before I consider using the native Map App. What I really want, and what is my primary complaint with Apple, is that I want more control over my phone and the ability to choose a different Native App, ie. Google Maps. So when I use Siri, or click on a contact my Google Maps app pops up, not the piece of inaccurate Apple Map junk.