YouMail’s Free Visual Voicemail Now Supports Telus, Rogers and Bell in Canada


YouMail is a free voicemail service that now supports Canadian carriers Telus, Rogers and Bell, as part of its upcoming Canadian launch. The company has started to send out emails to testers to try out their service before it goes live.

What is YouMail? Essentially it a super powered version of your voicemail to allow you to access it from your anywhere such as your computer, tablet, email, and iPhone. You can also setup custom greetings for callers and also block certain callers from leaving voicemail, such as telemarketers or crazy people. There is a Visual Caller ID feature to see faces, names, and location of callers not in your address book, plus the ability to easily share your voicemails on social networks.


Canadian testers received a special access number to get YouMail activated on Canada’s ‘Big 3’ carriers, which require your account to have the Call Forwarding No Answer (known as No Answer Transfer on Bell) feature enabled. Here’s an picture of an email many have received today:

Did you get a tester email? Let us know how you like YouMail. There’s no word on when the official Canadian launch will come, but it should be soon.

Thanks @iCupcake!


  • roadcarver

    So if I understand this correctly, the app is free but there will be a ‘small’ monthly service fee later on.

  • YouMail

    No, the app and service is totally free.   You only have to pay if you want to upgrade to use various premium offerings.

  • Braiden

    When will this be available ? Wanna try it on my rogers iphone 🙂

  • Lairbear

    Your calls are forwarded to a long distance number which costs you!! It’s not free!

  • Lairbear

    I was told by Bell that forwarding to the activate # calls Montreal. That’s long distance for me.

  • Greed

    like every free app now, theres TONS of ads, and popups and they just try to get you to the premium version (which is the same thing without the ads). WOW. Youve created value there.

  • Anon

    You have to be a ‘Canadian Tester’ in order to receive the local access number.  But it will be free when officially launched in Canada.

  • Anon

    You need to re-read the article.  It hasn’t been officially launched in Canada yet.

  • Max

    Here’s a chart of what’s free:

  • Nate

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Rogers requires you to cancel your existing voicemail to be able to use the call forwarding, right? I didn’t see that anywhere here.

  • YouMail

    When YouMail is fully launched in Canada, we will have more shared access numbers.  However, like in the US, it will be long distance calls for most people, though likely we’ll be able to support one access number/province.     Unfortunately, if your plan doesn’t include free long distance to our numbers, then yeah, it’s not free for you. 

    Like in the US, we do provide a paid YouMail plan which includes a personal access number that should be in your local area, which will help some people (and will cost less than forwarding by long distance if you’re paying for it).

    The net is YouMail can be completely free.  but your carrier may charge you for the LD forwarding, just like your carrier may charge you for the data you use to use the app.  It doesn’t seem fair that you’re complaining that YouMail isn’t free when it’s your carrier that’s charging you.  How about complaining to them?

  • Gerard

    Add the number for YouMail to your my10 (I had an extra slot). Also Rogers is *61*number# on the iPhone. I noticed its a Quebec number.

  • TB

    how does one get on the pilot? Youmail doesn’t come up in the Apple store with my Canadian account?

  • StupidMail

    YouMail is a fucking VIRUS. You can’t get rid of it. They keep harassing me.

  • StupidMail

    There is no way of unsubscribing with this bullshit software that doesn’t work.

  • BullshitMail

    I can’t Stop YouMail from Fucking Harassing me with stupid emails