YouTube for iOS Update: Volume Bar No Longer Blocks Video in Full Screen


Google has just updated their YouTube app for iPhone and iPad with an update that Apple should strongly consider for iOS.

When watching video in full screen, changing the volume up or down no longer shows the massive volume bar and graphic, which typically took too long to fade out, blocking video. The update now means you’ll never see this again (it drives me nuts by the way):

IMG 3396

Also new, is the addition of thumbnails when you’re scrubbing forward or backward in a video, similar to what you’d see with YouTube on the web, while Google also says the app gains bug fixes and stability improvements too.

Click here to download YouTube for iOS in the App Store.


  • Dehop

    Should strongly consider for BOTH iOS and macOS.

    It was ok a couple versions ago when the box was mostly translucent and merely darkened the video still playing behind, but when they made it less translucent *and* added massive blur to the background, it became a terrible nuisance.

  • Totally forgot about the Mac, as the huge volume box on my iPhone is what really irks me when watching videos, even on the 6S Plus.