Apple: Messages Beta Program for OS X Lion Ends December 14th


Apple has just sent out an email to notify customers the Messages Beta program will end on December 14th. They encourage any customers who want to continue to use Messages for OS X to upgrade to Mountain Lion via the Mac App Store. Messages allows Mac users to send and receive messages to any other iMessage user on any device. Here’s the email below from Apple:

messages beta

Apple first let customers download Messages Beta back in February (OS X 10.7.3 was required), and subsequently removed the beta download prior to the release of OS X Mountain Lion in June, where it was officially launched. Anyone still using the beta version of Messages?


  • wstoneman

    Mountain Lion*

  • Merci

  • i have a late 2006 iMac which I use occasionally on which I have been using Messages. I can’t upgrade the OS because Mountain Lion does not support it. Guess it will stop working on Dec 14th. Any other options?

  • I have two labs of computers at work that are all communicating via Messages bonjour, and because of the way the school year budgets run, we’re not getting Mountain Lion till the summer. Crap.

  • Dr. AL

    This is great news. Force me to get rid of it on my MacPro1,1. Had mixed results with it, and will be forced to downgrade to iChat. Fine with me, barely used it. Heck I don’t use it with my Macbook Pros running Mountain Lion.

    Makes me scratch my head why they ever offered it in beta anyways on an OS that wasn’t going to support a final version. Sure upgrade to Mountain Lion, but just sell it as a feature, a sneak peak wasn’t needed and it ran like crap.

  • Prailor

    i still have it, but i hope it gives me ichat back, i used that with facebook chat and the other service just doesnt want to work

  • Alph

    I can’t upgrade to Mountain Lion, and iMessage is not enough incentive to buy a new computer.