Download Apple’s Official Flashback Malware Removal Tool For OS X


Just yesterday, Apple pushed out a Java update (via OS X Lion Software Update) to remove the Flashback malware from Macs running OS X Snow Leopard and OS X Lion and now, a new standalone Flashback malware removal tool version 1.0 has been released to allow the trojan’s removal from non-Java systems as well. The tool is based on the same code as yesterday’s software update and plugs a security hole which allows the malware to automatically install itself without admin authorization.

Here are the official release notes:

About Flashback malware removal tool

This Flashback malware removal tool that will remove the most common variants of the Flashback malware.

If the Flashback malware is found, a dialog will be presented notifying the user that malware was removed.

In some cases, the Flashback malware removal tool may need to restart your computer in order to completely remove the Flashback malware.

This update is recommended for all OS X Lion users without Java installed.

See for more details about this update.

The official Flashback removal tool (356KB) can be downloaded at the following link:


  • Nick

    If youve been affected by this virus is it obvious?

  • Canuckdaneh

    I downloaded the Thursday update through software update, how do I know if I need to do this stand alone one?  I don’t think I do but does anyone know?  I’m assuming I have Java on my iMac which is currently on Lion 10.7.3

  • Frenchyroast

    I’m confused.  So, by removing the Trojan, that’ll remove the virus?  I thought that by wearing a Trojan, it would prevent me from getting a virus to begin with.  Not sure what coffee has to do with any of this.

  • Notafanboy of any OS

    Finally people will realize that Apple OS is just is vulnerable to attack as MS systems, actually Apple is more vulnerable as they do not have a team of people working full time on countering and prevention.  I just hope my iPhone is sandboxed enough to avoid getting nailed by the attacks that will be coming out for Apple now that the hackers have decided it is popular enough to warrant their attention.