Study Finds iPhone Users Prefer Apple Maps Over Google Maps



Apple Maps may have triggered a PR disaster at launch, but a year after it became public, its usage, which has been put into numbers by comScore and the Guardian, reveals a completely different picture: Google has lost 23 million iPhone users in the US for Apple’s mapping software.

You may recall that Apple decided to kick off Google Maps as a built-in app with the launch of iOS 6, so the Internet giant had to go through the app review process and launch its well-known maps app in the App Store. And yeah, it was taken up by 10 million users in the first days. But what happened afterwards?

According to comScore’s data, there were a total of 81.1 million users out of the total of 103.6 million iPhone and Android phone users of Google Maps in September 2012. But a year later, the total number of Google Maps users is much lower; it stands at 43% of iPhone and Android users, or 58.7 million, according to comScore’s data. Meanwhile, its user base has grown to 136.7 million.

Also, the comScore data reveals that, this September, 35 million used Apple maps at least once per month, which is more than half (58%) of the total iPhone population of 60.1 million.

ComScore’s data shows that in September 2013, 35m used Apple’s maps at least once during the month, out of a total iPhone population of 60.1m. The 58% usage on the iPhone is reckoned to reflect the growing number of younger users who do not use mapping services; the proportion of iPhone users who use any mapping service, including Google’s, has been dropping since April 2012, according to ComScore’s data.

Wood said: “The thing is, on an iPhone all roads lead to Apple’s maps. They’re putting this front and centre for users, and getting more confident.” For Google, he said, “They’re very fortunate that Android is a big source of data – they will be very relieved at that.” He cautioned that US iPhone users might be more eager to use Apple’s maps because there seem to be fewer errors there compared to other regions, including Europe.

Which one do you prefer: Apple Maps or Google Maps?


  • andrez1

    Did the survey ask how we like Apple Street View compared to Google’s? Oh yeah, it doesn’t exist.

  • Zing!

    I haven’t looked back. Google Maps is superior than Apple Maps in my area.

  • CMfly

    It doesn’t seem to take into account that one maps app comes on the phone and the other you have to search for and install. I think most people I know wouldn’t know to search the app store for google maps. Heck most of them think apple maps is just google maps anyways.

    Personally I downloaded and use google maps.

  • Chrome262

    I use both, in Toront, I find Apple maps has more up to date views of local buildings on the 3d view. I only use google for transit info, because even Transit tends to not take subway stations into your routine, often times telling you to walk to the station even if you are already there. Turn by turn, Apple maps just works better, of course partly because its part of the OS. If it gains functionality over time, there will be no need for google. Also for places it integrates with Yelp, and siri. So when looking for a place to eat or other entertainment just asking siri works, and of course it uses apple maps. Now what would happen if it allowed for Google as well?

  • Tim

    Apple maps sits in a folder called “crap” about 4 screens to the right of my home screen.

  • Justen Bennett

    Google Maps because until Apple integrates transit information, I have no use for it. Would rather stick with one app than switch back and forth between them because one may or may not be better at walking directions.

  • Stealthy

    Study finds this site tries sooooo hard to make apple seem its the greatest at everythin. Even google maps doesn’t hold a candle to the mighty apple version… Give it a rest already and report some usefull news.

  • Paul Herman

    Google maps all the way. I Finf Apple map still lagging in accuracy and speed.

  • Al

    I didn’t reference the original articles, but from what’s noted above, there seems to be the assumption that the referenced maps are being used just for navigation in those stats. I use both on occasion when I’m trying to get an idea of where a place is or what it’s surroundings look like. But if I’m wanting to navigate somewhere (and need traffic reports, or transit info), I use Navigon. It’s WAY better than Waze. And I tried navigating to 4 different places one day using Google maps and it was a cluster %&!# each time.

  • Al

    Have you ever been to the crackberry site? You won’t find a bigger collection of brain-dead zombies.

  • Peter Pottinger

    This just in, people with apple phoens like using iphones over android!

  • fsfsfs

    Apple maps need transit directions and slightly more business/hotspot data. I prefer the look and feel of Apple Maps and the general UI, but I never use it because I live in the city and often use transit. I also still trust Google to be more accurate, although Apple Maps have gotten a lot better in this regard.

    IMO the best maps app was still Google Maps made by Apple. If they just added turn by turn navigation (and vector maps) it would have been perfect.

  • sfsf

    Pretty much this… I don’t think looking at user numbers is an indicator of which people prefer. You’d need to look at satisfaction scores, uses per day etc… This is good for Apple maps though. The more users, the more data.

  • RaulFranko

    I use Google maps on a daily basis. I barely open Apple maps.

  • ken

    I prefer the Navigon app. I like it more than ‘google maps for obvious reasons. I’ve never tried Apple maps.

  • Westben

    CrAppleMap is just that, in my honest attempts to use apples mapping vs google maps, it’s pretty much all google for me. As others have stated, this article/study simply doesn’t take into account that since IOS6 all new iphones have crapplemap as the default mapping scheme, and again, most don’t have a clue as to alternates, nor want to do the hot link work around to get to google maps vs the ios hard wired invocation of crapplemaps.
    Simply a poor study, get 10000 people to type in 5 addresses each into each map offering and see what you get. Crapplemaps sucks in Canada…. at least

  • chickeee

    Is Apple Maps available for Android?