Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Commercial Practices in Brazil


Apple has to face a class action lawsuit in Brazil over the launch of the fourth-generation iPad in the country, the Brazilian newspaper Jornal de Comércio reports (via Macrumors). The lawsuit — led by the Institute of Politics and Law Software (IBDI) — alleges that the early refresh of the iPad line amounts to “planned obsolescence”, harming customers who bought the third-generation iPad.


“The institute claims that the iPad 4 is not [an] effective technological evolution [compared to] the iPad 3 or ‘New iPad’, characterizing [a] sort of “planned obsolescence”. In practice, the accusation is that the Apple iPad 3 could have reached the shelves with the characteristics presented in the fourth generation – a processor, a connector and a camera a bit more advanced.”

In addition, the lawsuit claims the Cupertino company failed to adequately communicate the discontinuation of the “new iPad” in favor of the fourth-generation model in Brazil so consumers “unknowingly bought the obsolete” third-generation models.

The plaintiffs seek to get free replacement of the third-generation iPads consumers bought — without specifying the time frame — reimbursement of 50% of the purchase price, and a fine equal to 30% of each iPad 3 device Apple sold in the country, due to the aforementioned unfair commercial practices.

Turns out that after China, Brazil is the next frontier Apple needs to focus on: the class action lawsuit comes after the company lost a trademark dispute over the iPhone name.


  • Teflon

    What comes around goes around.

  • Acer12345

    Well they’re right, I don’t understand why Apple had to rush so many versions of iPad so soon. Least they could do is give it a proper name, CLEARLY distinguishing it from the previous one.

  • Jennifer T.

    Hog Wash.

    You could only consider it planned obsolescence if you’re one of the people who thinks you have to have the latest version of everything.

    iPad2, iPad3 are all still perfectly fine tablets and well supported.