Apple Patents A New Way to Access Apps Using a Virtual Home Button


A freshly published patent application shows Apple is working on a new quick-access feature that allows users to access a specific set of apps without unlocking the device. Since you can already access the camera app from your home screen, this new patent goes beyond this feature unveiling a virtual home button to extend the user interface right to the bottom of the iOS device.

According to information obtained by Patently Apple, the new system allows users to bypass the sliding input or security screen by “entering a predefined input using the [virtual] home button to enter a “quick access” mode of the mobile device in which certain applications may be immediately available to the user, regardless of whether a security wall may be enforced with respect to applications on the mobile device.”


Also, touching the home button presents a set of apps through an animation process, and the user may enter another specific input using the home button to rotate the first set of apps away, and display another set of apps.

Although many of the patent applications Apple is granted are not likely to be implemented, this patent is certainly among the ones I’d like to see in iOS 7. What do you think?


  • K3

    has anyone heard anything yet over when the next keynote will take place?

  • NoDisqus

    Android already does this… Keep patenting existing shit apple keep it up cause its working so well for you already. And the wireless communication between a keyboard dock and a tablet screen is not a novel. Every bluetooth keyboard does this already oh but you are moving some of the processing hardware into to key pad ohh hurray you so smart apple..

    Foolish nonsense. The best tablet experience would have to be just using the tablet as a remote portal to a much more powerful desktop computer or server. Cant wait until this obvious idea gets a fruity patent

  • NoDiscuss

    Lame excuse for a patent. Android already does this. This is pitiful. Not to mention getting a pattent for including moving the processor out of the screen and into the bluetooth keyboard dock… Like WTF these are not new inventions or novel inventions. But when you strategy is to keep lobing sh!+ at the wall until a glob of corn sticks…well keep playing that game apple its working so well for you right?? Im sure these will hold up to future scruitny so well like the others that have been tossed.