Apple Shares The iPhone 5 Launch Day Thrill & Excitement [VIDEO]

Apple has just posted a new short video of iPhone 5 launch on its website showing crowds at the Apple flagship store on 5th Avenue in NewYork as well as at stores in Germany and Hong Kong, a video that truly captures the thrill and excitement of being at an Apple store on launch day (via TUAW).

The video also shows early iPhone 5 buyers being interviewed by TV news crews, and working with the devices in-store. People of all ages are standing in lines at various Apple stores around the world. You really get to feel the pleasure of checking out the new iPhone and the “#winning” feeling the first buyers get as they leave the store with their purchase.

Check it out!

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  • 1His_Nibs1

    Too bad there’s no video for all the people (and their reaction/s) to getting flawed iPhone 5’s and who are continuing to get f***** around by Apple and their shitty quality control AND who ARE STILL WAITING to receive a device that doesn’t have ANY DAMN ISSUES!!!!!!

  • disgusted

    Go away you troll!!

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Excuse you but you’re the troll. The above statement I made is an example of MY experience with the iphone 5 and I’m now at number 4 and counting and have yet to receive an unflawed phone. So kindly STFU!

  • AccordXTC

    You mad bro?