Apple TV Update Adds Bluetooth Keyboard Support, Up Next & More


After pushing out iOS 6.1 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad earlier today, Apple has released a firmware update for Apple TV as well, that brings Bluetooth keyboard support, Up Next and better support for iTunes in the Cloud, as noted by 9to5Mac.

Appletv 5 2

With iTunes in the Cloud, music purchased from iTunes appears automatically on all iOS devices. Users can also download their past iTunes purchases using the feature. With today’s update, users can now browse and play their purchased iTunes content directly from iCloud on their Apple TV.

The Up Next feature, which was introduced in iTunes 11, is a way to let users know what is going to play next, while Bluetooth Keyboard support will let you use your Apple Wireless Keyboard to control your Apple TV.


  • RIo

    This is awesome 😀

    It was so annoying to use that remote to entre text

  • Peter

    the option I was really hoping would be introduced with 6.1 is Up Next for iPhone 🙁

  • Have they fixed the problem with streaming music and video from iTunes? Since Sept I have only been able to listen to one song without restarting iTunes. Same with video. My brother in-law received one for a Xmas gift and returned it because of these bugs.

  • Unfortunately, the problems with streaming more than one video or song without having to reset itunes that we prevalent in 5.1 are still there. I had really expected this to have been fixed. Looks as if Apple has no intention of correcting its mistakes. It is oversights such as this that will be the ruin of the company!

  • Kirk

    Sweet! Going to update my appleTV now!

  • Mark

    You could enter text with your iPhone. I heck of a lot more practical than having a keyboard laying around. Especially considering how infrequently you would do that.

  • With this update I now see “Super HD”next to the titles on my Netflix account. Strangely enough still no 3D. Even for the 3D titles that show up on the ps3.

  • Steve

    Has anyone had a issue with losing connection to their remote since this update?

  • ethank

    Apple TV Froze during update and It says I should not plug it off… has been 1 hour and counting..

  • ethank

    took 1 hour but finally its completed..

  • Hmmm… mine’s been stuck on “Step 1 of 2: Preparing Update… Do not unplug your Apple TV while updating” for about three hours now. I’m guessing that’s not a good sign, but I’ll leave it on overnight just in case it works through its issues.

  • Bud

    Wouldn’t have expected it but on trying out the keyboard, i was pleased at the ease of controlling the Apple TV. The update went smoothely.