Apple’s Plans To Launch Its Own Streaming Radio Service Delayed Due To A ‘Last-Minute Snag’


Negotiations between Sony/ATV, the world’s largest music publisher, and Apple regarding a music-streaming service native to iOS, has reportedly hit a last-minute snag, delaying Cupertino giant’s plans to launch its own radio service to rival Pandora, according to an exclusive report by New York Post.

It appears that Apple couldn’t agree on a per-song rights fee that it will need to pay for each song streamed by its customers. Instead, Apple is looking for better licensing rates than Pandora because it will direct record sales through its iTunes Store. This could also be a reason why Apple lacks recorded music rights from the labels.

Apple’s plan to have its own music-streaming service built into the iPhone 5 was dramatically dashed when talks between the tech giant and Sony/ATV hit a last-minute snag, The Post has learned.

Sony/ATV, the world’s largest music publisher, and Apple couldn’t agree on a per-song rights fee, sources close to the situation said.

Those rights are usually tenths of a penny per stream, sources said. Sony/ATV was looking for a higher rate.

Apple has declined to comment on its proposed streaming service, adds the report.


  • I really want this to happen. I’m guessing this will be available in Canada, if not at launch, then some time after. Unlike Pandora, which I have used via VPN, but that’s an inelegant solution. In the meantime Rdio has been great and helps me discover new music on a regular basis! (I’ll be keeping my Rdio subscription even after this service launches for sure!)

  • I like Songza and Grooveshark in Canada as Pandora alternatives. Can’t be bothered to get Pandora in Canada now.

  • BrodieTheDog

    Pandora here in Canada works great. It’s easy to get and set up too. I also use songza and groove shark. I would really enjoy a streaming music service from apple.