Check Out this Colour iPhone 5S and iOS 7 Concept


Rumours of the iPhone to ship in multiple colours surfaced well before the iPhone 5 hit the market, and with Apple working on a cheaper, lower-cost iPhone and another high-end model, they have resurfaced.

Here is an iPhone 5S (or 6) concept inspired by the curves of the iPad mini and designed by Alexander Kormishin. As you can see from the image above, the designer follows Apple’s design while renewing pattern. It’s modeled after the recently released iPhone 5, and names the smartphone iPhone 5S, which sounds like a logical name in the light of earlier releases.

Another designer, Mads Bengtsson, focused on bringing a fresh approach to Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system, the iOS 7. As you can see from the images below, the concept was adapted to the conditions and possibilities of the iPhone 5.

The first change that catches the eye is the redesigned top bar, which shows a new battery level meter taking use of the full top bar.

Besides a new feature called Activity log – providing an easy way to review your earlier activity – and the landscape mode App Flow, I find the “Multipad”, a redesigned multitasking surface, very useful. Bengtsson’s fresh approach covers Contacts, Photos, and even goes as deep as renaming the Home screen to “Menu”.










What do you think?



  • Wingzero

    Worse iOS 7 concept ever

  • Mike Beaudin

    Pretty bad if you ask me.

  • Jake

    Although seeing the design the same as the ipad mini is neat, that is by far the worst concept design for iOS I have ever seen.

  • That battery concept is amateurish and gaudy as is the contacts concept. Yuck. The rest is meh but definitely too much use of round rectangles. There is a bad font/font colour choice too.

  • Tyler Hojberg

    I think this is a great concept for some sort of Android phone, but it doesn’t look as good as iOS software should. The hardware design of the iPhone lacks antennas. The iPod touch can get away with an all aluminum body, but only because it doesn’t have cellular capabilities.

  • RB

    I honestly still don’t get why people bother doing these mock-ups in the first place. You think Apple hasn’t had iOS7 design in their back-pocket for years now? This isn’t something they’re just putting together as we speak…Maybe tweaking, but not creating.

  • Gav

    Where are the antenna windows on the 5S mockup? What made the iOS mockup designer look at the current iOS design and think “this needs to be uglier”? Why would I need to have a log of every action I did with my phone? What if someone else secretly grabbed my phone and checked my history? Why would Apple want to call attention to battery life by making it the biggest, ugliest thing on the screen at all times? Is the iOS UI really in need of more rounded boxes, more gradients, more shadows and more mismatched patterns?

  • bradg17

    Looks pretty sloppy and unpolished if you ask me

  • Great, though Apple may end up dissapointing me again.