EU Commissioner Accuses Apple Of Continuing Misleading Warranty Practices



Back in January, a Belgian consumer protection organization sued Apple over its warranty policy, claiming that Apple’s warranty practices don’t comply with local laws. Today, EU’s Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding has accused Apple of continuing warranty practices that go against consumer laws in many European states, 9to5Mac is reporting (via Dow Jones Business News).

The Comissioner said that EU authorities must play a more prominent role in monitoring and coordinating coherent enforcement of EU consumer rules. He also noted that consumers groups in at least Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and Portugal have filed lawsuits that are ongoing against Apple over its warranty practices.

In a speech Tuesday, the EU’s Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding honed in on the Apple case as an example of weak and diverse enforcement of consumer rules within the EU.

“This case and the responses I received since I sent my letter have highlighted rather clearly just why the Commission cannot sit on the side-lines on enforcement issues,” she said. “The approaches to enforcement in these types of cases turn out to be very diversified and inconsistent at a national level. In at least 21 EU Member States Apple is not informing consumers correctly about the legal warranty rights they have. This is simply not good enough.”

Recently, Apple has also made changes to the wording on its website about warranties at the request of Italian regulators.


  • KJ

    Glad we don’t seem to have that problem. Any time I’ve returned an apple product within the warranty period they just gave me a new one and sent me on my merry way

  • Teflon

    They still owe me $60 from having to send back two iphones. We purchased apple care yet charged us $30 in order to get the the express service. With no help from the Apple woman I was able to to straighten things out with my provider. I tried to get my money back from apple with no success. Not only was it a pain deal on with two faulty phones I was ripped on warranty I paid for.

  • KJ

    Well the 30$ express service is an option if you can wait for your device and need one sent to you prior to sending your old one back…I’ve also done this method and had no problems…I doubt you provider provided better service then apple…sounds like bs