iTunes 11.0.3 Download Now Available: New MiniPlayer, Improved Songs View


Screen Shot 2013 05 16 at 10 34 47 AM

Apple has released iTunes 11.0.3 to add new features and improvements including a new MiniPlayer which now includes a new view to showcase your album artwork, plus a progress bar is built into the player.

Old view:

Screen Shot 2013 05 16 at 10 59 38 AM

New view (note the progress bar):

Screen Shot 2013 05 16 at 11 01 59 AM

If you click on the album art thumbnail there is also a larger album view:

Screen Shot 2013 05 16 at 11 06 39 AM

There is also a new improved Songs View so you can enjoy your album artwork in Songs view, plus multi-disc albums now appear as a single album.

Aside from these updates there are also performance improvements when searching and sorting large iTunes libraries. You can get the latest update by going launching the Mac App Store and going to the Updates tab.


  • if ever you’re playing a smart playlist and the song you are currently listening to is removed ( if the playlist only accepts 5 stars for example) then itunes jams and you have to leave the mini player to start playing music again. Didnt have this problem before the update.

  • Jasper

    Did you see that they changed the app updates interface as well?

  • That’s too bad. I usually don’t touch the rating on songs playing in a smart playlist until after they’ve played, to avoid the music skipping to the next song (if the new rating removes the song from the list). I just open up the “Up Next” drawer and click the clock to change to “Previously Played” mode and then rate the songs from there. Hopefully that method still works?

  • Oh wow, you’re right! It’s nice to finally be able to see “What’s New” without having to go to the app page. 🙂

  • Jasper

    Yes, I like it!

  • Shorty_dammit

    But still no iTunes DJ, so, v10.7.0.21 will remain…