Judge May Block Apple Websites in Belgium


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A Brussels magistrate could end the days of Apple’s websites in Belgium by asking the country’s Internet service providers to block the sites, local newspapers report. Although there has been no ruling as yet, the threat is real for Apple, due to its misleading product warranties, reports

Early last year, the Federal Public Service (FPS) Economy in Belgium filed a complaint against Apple, claiming that the Cupertino-company was misleading customers on product warranties. It is known that Apple provides its customers with a free, one-year limited commercial warranty.

The problem is that by EU law, Apple must provide not one, but two-years of protection for all newly purchased products such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc.

Although the complaint was filed last year, it was revealed only today, as the judge is weighing up options for regulation. Stopping Apple’s website will have an unpredictable effect on all iTunes users and other customers.

In fact, this isn’t the only case in which Apple is sitting in the hot seat in Europe. It has been sued by Italy’s antitrust authorities and fined $1.2 million, but after implementing measures, the company got away with paying only $264,000 in penalties. Also, a Belgian consumer group last year sued Apple for not respecting the local laws on warranties.


  • anon

    There is one issue tho, these clients in the EU that purchase any Apple product may be covered for 2 years in EU but won’t be receiving any help outside EU. It’ll be interesting to see whats the outcome

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    AT last ! some real and authentic investigation on such a bizarre industry member (i.e: apple europe ) and very likely with “apple ireland” leading however, not for much longer.

    ( lesson learnt and to never “f*ck up” with EU uni graduates with real and authentic degree ? ( or You haven’t had enough of kicks Up the A*ss, Ms. Ireland ? )