Samsung Exploits Apple’s iOS 6 Maps Error In Australia In New Ad Campaign


According to a report by CNET Australia, Samsung is setting up another marketing ploy against Apple by showing off its maps app in a new ad campaign. The following photo has been taken from Samsung’s campaign, showing an SUV besides a tent and other camping equipment and a board that reads “Oops, should have got a Samsung Galaxy SIII”.

Samsung maps 21

A couple of days back, Australian police alerted travellers to avoid relying on Apple Maps in iOS 6 after it led some people astray and stranded and even required police assistance to be rescued in recent weeks. Even though Apple fixed the error soon after, Samsung appears to be hitting Apple over the incident in its latest ad campaign.

While it might not be saying it directly, we’re pretty darn confident that it’s a bit of a dig at Apple’s Maps misplacing Mildura and raising the ire of the Victorian police.

Samsung maps 1

So guys, what do you say about Samsung’s dig against Apple this time?


  • JH

    To me this is just poor advertising because you can get Navigon on the iPhone as well… It would make more sense if they were trying to show off Google maps instead of Navigon since you have to pay extra for Navigon whether you have an iPhone or Android.

    Unless I’m missing something and GSIII comes with Navigon for free?
    EDIT: never mind I just googled it and it does come free on GS3.

  • Actually, they are promoting the Navigon app, not the S3!

    In that case, just grab the Navigon app for iPhone! Navigation problems solved!

  • sponticelli

    There in the photo, they show a Galaxy runnin Navigon… do they know Navigon works also on iPhone and it shares the same trusted data used by Android?

  • BCEd
  • guest

    Incorrect, its not Navigon.
    Google Navigation on Android looks that way. Come on guys its so true, I live out in the burbs and Apple maps are not reliable at all.

  • G

    ummm…not sure if you have problems reading…but it clearly states to the right of the phone in the ad, that it’s navigon.

  • blah

    I think Navigon’s only pre-loaded on the S3’s in Australia. Otherwise it’s still around $50 in the Google Play store.

  • KJ

    It’s weird. I’ve had no issues with my maps. Frick I used them even in Mexico…though I don’t think any GPS is 100%. My portable gps which I bought 4-5 Months ago makes more mistakes in Calgary then my phone has…just my experience

  • Exactly, they shouldn’t throw stones considering they are having mapping issues with Google maps in Australia as well. Actually think the issue is local data

  • T

    Do they still air this commercial now that a similar warning had been issued for Google maps? How does that crow taste Samsung?

  • Daniel Lee

    I don’t use apple maps, I use Navigon on my iphone, so all I can to this ad is, should have got Navigon and not the Galaxy SIII

  • 2Legit2Quit

    I have both Navigon NA installed on my SG3 and iPhone 5 and I say it lags on my SG3 and not on my iPhone 5.

    I love my SG3’s big screen though. 🙂

  • draz

    S3 comes pre-loaded with Navigon which is a great gps app and I love and use whenever I travel outside the city and going any place I don’t know how to get to. For city driving and getting around traffic and other issues I use Waze (it’s free!)

  • MrXax

    Anything that further shames Apple for their ridiculous Maps debacle is cool in my books.

  • Apple_Sauce

    With the new Google Map app for the iPhone, I no longer have to screw around with the native Apple app 🙂 If Apple could just relax their control Nazi attitude for a bit and let me chose the default map app I want to use I would be a happy man.