US Judge Rejects Apple and Samsung’s Requests to Keep Documents Secret


Last year, Apple sued Samsung, claiming copyright and patent infringement. The trial is scheduled to happen July 30th. Often, in these type of intellectual property  disputes, the parties involved will ask that their patents be submitted sealed, as to not leak the nature of the patents to the public. Both Apple and Samsung had asked for their documents to be sealed in this case, but a US court has rejected their requests.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, has rejected Apple and Samsung’s request to keep their documents sealed. Judge Koh said, “It appears that the parties have overdesignated confidential documents and are seeking to seal information that is not truly sealable.“, and that, “only documents of exceptionally sensitive information that truly deserve protection will be allowed to be redacted or kept from the public.

It would seem that the judge has a differing opinion on just how sensitive the documents are, from Apple and Samsung. The court has already sided with Apple, keeping the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone from being sold in US. Samsung is appealing the order.

[via Reuters]


  • Tired8281

    With Apple’s culture of secrecy, the smart play for Samsung would be to open right up to the court. That way, if Samsung really didn’t copy Apple (like they say), having an open door to their development practices would show that, and it would make it harder for Apple to maintain secrecy in the courtroom, if their opposition is embracing transparency.