AlwaysOnline Wireless Launches: Global LTE iPad Roaming with Apple SIM


Do you travel internationally with your cellular iPad often? Well now there’s a service to make things a bit easier. AlwaysOnline Wireless has launched, the first global roaming LTE network for iPad with Apple SIM. The company is a subsidiary of Vancouver-based Otono Networks Inc., the parent company of Roam Mobility.

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AlwaysOnline Wireless (no, it’s not AOL)

The new company will offer cellular data plans for iPad in over 45 countries, including the following countries where Apple SIM can be purchased: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US and Turkey.

Compatible cellular iPads with Apple SIM include iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3/4 and iPad Pro. This means users of AlwaysOnline Wireless will be able to roam worldwide without the need to purchase a new SIM card in each country. Short term data plans start at $0.99 per hour (available by day or megabyte as well), limited to each country (they cannot be carried over). Tethering of data plans are enabled as well.

Emir Aboulhosn, CEO and Founder of Otono Networks Inc., said in an emailed statement “There are times when you really need connectivity on-the-go and you don’t want to plan your travel around Wi-Fi hotspots,” following up to say “That’s why we offer a global LTE roaming service with convenient short-term data plans to meet any travelers’ needs, whether they need to catch-up on email in the car after landing or get directions to their next meeting.”

Below is the current coverage map for AlwaysOnline Wireless:

Alwaysonline wireless coverage map

You can learn more about AlwaysOnline Wireless by visiting their website here. Let us know if you’re going to give this a try.


  • Bafoon

    Heading to Munich and then Warsaw for couple of weeks in Jan – might give this a shot.

  • Ashley Mann

    Did you read the fine print? Go down the page to Coverage. It says Canada with a * sign and the fine print says, *Plans are not available to residents of these countries”.

  • KS

    Doesn’t that merely mean that plans aren’t for the residents? In other words, only the ‘roamers’ can use AOW LTE plans and not the residents.

  • Ashley Mann

    I think it means if your a resident of Canada the plans are not available to you whether you are traveling or not which makes sense. There is no way Bell or Rogers would just let this happen. Who knows boys. It’s confusing. But I’m sure my iphoneincanada nerdies will figure it out. You guys are awesome!

  • Franko65

    Just got my new iPad Pro 9.7 with the Apple SIM. Did not opt for the available Rogers SIM and Bell has not made one available on Apple’s site. Well upon toggling on Cell data this is what I get: