Rogers, TELUS, Bell Said to Launch New Anti-Verizon Ads Based on Privacy Fears


Reuters reports Rogers, TELUS and Bell are set to revamp their Verizon attack ads, as sources say incumbents have plans for a new campaign set to possibly launch next week once approved in newspapers, online and radio focusing on how the U.S. carrier’s potential launch in Canada will result in loss of privacy. Verizon was named as being involved in the NSA’s leaked PRISM surveillance program.

The planned campaign, which has yet to get a final green light, will focus on how Verizon’s entry into Canada could open the door to overreaching surveillance and a loss of privacy for Canadians, said the sources, who declined to be named as the plans are not yet public.

Incumbents currently have an ongoing PR campaign aimed at convincing Ottawa to reverse its wireless policies to allow Verizon to enter the country’s wireless market. The latter is rumoured to participate in an upcoming 700 MHz spectrum auction first, ahead of its previous plans to acquire WIND Mobile or Mobilcity first.

Separate sources tell Reuters incumbents have decided to ramp up their efforts to lobby against Ottawa, as the current ad campaigns have received negative attention from the Canadian public and Industry Minister James Moore, calling them “dishonest” lobbying:

“They’re either going to have to fold their tents and live with this, or win the fight,” said a source familiar with the new campaign. “If they are going to win the fight they obviously need much more aggressive tactics.”


“There’s enough negative feedback about the campaign coming in that they’re scrambling for new messages,”

In response to the ongoing media campaign by incumbents, Industry Minister James Moore embarked on a cross-country tour that started this morning in Vancouver to reiterate Ottawa’s message they aren’t planning to back down from telcos.

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In an interview with iPhoneinCanada, Moore told us “we’re not going to change our policy” and said the spectrum auction, which has already been delayed twice, will move forward as planned. Ottawa today launched its own website called Consumers First, in response to the incumbents’ Fair for Canada campaign.

Rogers, TELUS and Bell own 85% of the wireless spectrum in Canada and hold 90% of the telecommunications market. Ottawa’s wireless policies would allow foreign companies like Verizon to invest in a company with less than 10% of the telecommunications market.


  • Michael Moniz

    Do they really think we’re that stupid that we already don’t realize that they roll over on customers in a nano second when CSIS comes knocking, whether on their own accord or at the behest of American law and security agencies? Puhleeze! Privacy my arse! They are/would be just as guilty of same behaviour they are hypothetically accusing Verizon of.

    Keep throwing everything at the wall Robelus. See what sticks. Morons!

  • Al


  • Chrome262

    LOL you notice that they just mention Verizon was involved. they don’t say anything weather they were part of it to, or denying it, do you really think they weren’t. Especially with a few terrorist coming through Canada. CSIS has been actively cooperating with the CIA, NSA, and homeland security for years, and so has Rogers, Bell and the rest of the telecommunication industry, even before 911. Oh sure, with OPP and others when warrants are involved, how many without? Companies care about the bottom line, and if that is threatened they will turn over your data for a song.

  • Chrome262

    and this is so weird, and pathetic, what do they really think Verizon will bring, do they actually think that they will swallow up all their business, this is almost unbelievable how silly and scared they seem. Its a company, not an alien invasion, sheesh


    75% of Canadians already know NSA INVOLVEMENT with VERIZON

    the big 3 VS Verizon what is this election

    we already made up our mind we want Verizon

    the big 3 needs to go SHUT UP LOSING ALL THERE MONEY ON ADS radio
    next government needs to open UP TV MEDIA SECTOR so DISH NETWORK COME IN BELL AND ROGERS A#$$

  • K3


    The more the BIG 3 whine and try petty tactics like this the more I realize just how much shafting they’ve been giving all Canadian citizens over the years.

  • Al

    You want to see 2 of the big 3 COMPLETELY lose their shit?
    A government announcement that DirecTV will be allowed into Canada to compete.


    Didn’t know that Telus, Bell and Rogers were running against the Tories in the next election.

  • Matt

    They were in Canada for quite a bit. Then they changed their stupid encryption and all our cracked –err I mean special boxes stopped working. Ah, best few years of my teenage life.

  • MapleHoney


  • 1His_Nibs1

    The more the pig 3 ratchet up their negative bs PR campaign the more I’m determined to jump ship to Verizon when & if they enter the Canadian market. I also have to agree with the other comments here about CSIS and the pig 3. I’m pretty sure they’d roll over on any and all consumers at the drop of a hat if asked to cough up calling/text records for the sake of “national security”. I’ll bet they’ve already complied with such a request and it would be poetic justice if an anonymous source from CSIS were to confirm or leak that info (so much for that PR tactic). If that were to happen that would pretty much be the final nail in the pig 3’s coffin.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Isn’t it Verizon who vowed to not use the same Chinese technology that the big 3 use for the sake of preventing potential spying?

  • Sven L

    They really think Canadians are naïve and uninformed. CSEC (Canada’s version of the NSA) is one of the most powerful surveillance bodies in the world and also one of the most secretive — hence why they haven’t been all over the news. While Canada and other countries have laws prohibiting domestic spying, it does not prevent them from sharing and receiving information, reciprocally, from other international intelligence agencies. Yes, these arrangements already exist, and this is how CSEC, CSIS, and the RCMP are able to obtain the information they need that everybody is up in a huff about. So what Robellus need to do is shut the fuck up. Plain and simple. They’re really starting to aggravate me.

  • Sven L

    Meh — cable, satellite and other TV companies are on the out and out thanks to the substantially better pricing of Netflix and other similar services. I imagine that those 2 companies would have also been pushing for Internet censorship to keep Netflix out…what a bunch of crooks.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yeah the big 3 are ok with Chinese spying on Canadians by using Huawei’s equipment. They’re just not comfortable with the big bad Americans doing it. I mean c’mon……if the big 3 don’t stand up for Canadians rights on privacy who will? Bunch of fucking hypocrites!

  • wstoneman

    ARG stop wasting your money on this crap and improve your service! this is what pisses me off the most. lost revenue because your doing this shit!