Bell, Virgin and Telus Promo: 1 Extra GB of Data to Select Plans


Rogers recently offered a promotion where customers received a free bonus gigabyte of data added to their plans, and now it appears Bell, Virgin and Telus have also matched this deal, as noted by MobileSyrup.

Under the promotional page for TELUS, you can see under the “Data Included” section a sticker that denotes a free gigabyte of data for the ‘Promo Voice and Data 65+’ and ‘National Voice and Data 65+’ plans. The data promo ends on October 14th:

As for Bell/Virgin, an internal doc states the free gigabyte of data applies to Bell’s ‘Fab 10 Promo 65 Plan’ and Virgin’s ‘Combo $65’ plan, bringing the total data to two gigabytes. The extra data promo ends on October 14th. Existing customers can contact customer service to get the promo added.

Let us know if you managed to jump on this bonus data!


  • Called Telus’ loyalty line and got 6GB for $65.00 per month. Chicka chicka yeah! 😉

  • 6 GB price is $30. You got chicka chacked

  • bradg17

    What a rip!

  • Randyritraj

    I pay $20/month for 6GB from Rogers. You just got hosed!

  • Vince Turnone

    I think he means his whole plan is $65, at least I hope. Which is still a bit high.

  • draz

    Not bad.. Too bad you missed the 6gb/ $60 plan this past summer

    Still pretty good that you got it somewhat close

  • I’m currently paying $58 with Telus (which was my contract from when I got my iPhone 4 back in 2010, I opted to grandfather that in with my iPhone 5). But I figured, hey, for an extra $7, why not upgrade and get that extra GB.

    Turns out that Visual Voicemail isn’t included with the $65 plan, unlike my current plan. I’d have to pay an extra $5/month for Visual Voicemail. Screw that. I don’t need an extra $12 on my bill just for the extra GB of data.

  • Alex

    Got a new 65$ plan with bell when the iPhone 5 came out, just got the free gig no problem

  • doog

    can you do this if you accepted a different promo already?

  • Nick

    That’s the 6GB plan, not just 6GB…