Bell Launches Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Pre-Orders


Bell is the first wireless carrier in Canada to support LTE Apple Watch Series 3 models, and also debut watch sales directly to customers, as pre-orders are available on the company’s website.

Both aluminum and stainless steel Apple Watch Series 3 cellular models are available in both 38mm and 42mm, and all three colours and various bands.

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Bell will charge customers $5 per month for a smartwatch data plan for their Apple Watch Series 3, with the first three months free as part of a promo. Also, The Source locations will soon also sell Apple Watch Series 3.

Telus will support Apple Watch Series 3 later this year as well, which is to no surprise as the company shares a network with Bell.

Rogers is not part of the Apple Watch Series 3 cellular launch, leaving some customers to consider switching carriers to gain access to LTE on their new watches.


  • It’s only available for only Canadian.

  • Tamahome5555

    Good, I didn’t want to be Rogered either. I prefer being with Bell than Rogers

  • If rogers doesn’t jump in on the Apple Watch bandwagon then they will be losing two long term customers soon. ????

  • Aleksandar Matijaca

    What happens in case of travel to Europe? Let’s say I buy a SIM card in Europe, I guess the watch cannot get phone calls then? Is the watch “locked” ?

  • Not “locked” per se, but rather paired with your iPhone. If you were to pick up a SIM card in Europe from a carrier with a plan that also supports the Apple Watch, you’d be able to use it there as well. As far as I can tell, there are no country-specific models.

  • Parksy

    I was initially thinking of jumping ship until I realized how good my Rogers deal really was. I’m taking the wait and see approach for now as I can’t justify the extra $100/month to jump to Bell when my phone is with me 99% of the time anyways. In reality, if I’m running I’m lacking the oxygen required to carryon a conversation anyways. I did order the cellular version though just in case Rogers opens their eyes.

  • Riley Freeman

    disappointing they didnt do like the ipads and allow you to basically finance it.

  • Aleksandar Matijaca

    I understand that – but the new Apple Watch 3 with LTE, there is no SIM card that you can insert into it.. So, it’s a “soft” SIM card…

  • bbousquet

    From what I read, it doesn’t “roam” (i.e. if you travel outside of Canada with your Apple Watch it will not support cellular features while bound to your Canadian phone/SIM).

  • Correct. The OP’s question, however, was what would happen if they purchased a SIM card from a local carrier in Europe. Provided the SIM card was purchased from a carrier — and on a plan — that provided Apple Watch support, I don’t see any reason why the Apple Watch couldn’t be set up from the iPhone to work on that new plan — in much the same way that it would if you were permanently switching to a new carrier.

    That said, prepaid plans may not support the Apple Watch. I know that Bell requires users to be on a post-paid plan. Not sure how it will be with European carriers.

  • Correct. It’s an eSIM. I was assuming your question was what would happen if you bought a European SIM for your iPhone.

    The Apple Watch is paired with the SIM card on the iPhone. It inherits the same number, and is set up from the iPhone. So whatever SIM card is in your iPhone is what will get used on the Apple Watch (once you’ve gone through the set up process to provision it on the Watch).

  • I wouldn’t pay 100$ more just for the iWatch being connected to LTE either. I can always try to get Bell to match what I have with Rogers.

  • poopchute

    I have it really good with Rogers, but I may look at Telus when they start offering their plan.

    I would never switch to Bell. I’ve tried them twice over the years. There will be no charm.

  • Good luck. Hopefully it goes better for you than it did for me. I’ve already spoken to two Bell reps, and even after signing up for their new Fibe bundle that they’ve been pestering me about, the best they would do is give me three whole bucks off of a cellular plan.

    Bell seems to be taking the rather arrogant approach these days that “We have the best network, so of course we charge more. You can’t expect us to charge the same as those other inferior networks.” (mind you, in my case, it was Fido that I’m currently on, and at least one of the reps I spoke to was bordering on being a snob about how much better Bell’s network was).

  • rob geo

    do you know why apple says you need an iphone 6 to pair with the watch? i have a 5s and they have the same type of sim!

  • dan

    i wonder if it will supported by virgin mobile

  • bbousquet

    The watch requires VoLTE I believe (hence the announcement that it wouldn’t work in SK/MB). I think the 5s doesn’t support VoLTE.

  • rob geo

    thanks for your answer! so is that just required for the initial setup or does the phone have to be on all the time for the watch to work?

  • I’m not entirely convinced that VoLTE support would have anything to do with it, since you don’t need to have the iPhone nearby or on or anything like that — the Watch communicates over the cellular network directly, it just happens to use VoLTE as that’s a more efficient protocol and they don’t have much space inside to cram in a lot of radio and cellular chips.

  • Okay, it does look like there’s a connection…. According to a thread on Reddit, the U.S. carriers are all saying “HD Voice” is required for their NumberShare service, which is basically VoLTE.

    Now that I’m thinking it through, it makes sense, and my educated guess is that it’s not the process of setting up the Watch that’s the problem, but rather that the iPhone 5s, as a non-VoLTE device, can’t be active on the network with the same number as the Watch.

  • rob geo

    thanks for all the answers. looks like i might have to upgrade my phone to get the watch. i’ve been waiting for the cellular watch since the watch was first announced!

  • Actually, according to a post that just showed up on MacRumors, it looks like cellular Apple Watches will only work in their country of purchase.

  • Kev

    I wonder how many Canadians are buying the LTE model in the hope it will be available on their carrier in the future. I went non-LTE as Public Mobile is my carrier and has shown no sign of supporting. Seems like money wasted for anyone not with Bell as neither support or monthly cost has been clarified

  • Sam

    I feel you man. Bell being a huge snob and treating their customers like absolute garbage seems to be nothing new. I think because they are so popular out east, even though they are barely used by anyone where I am on the west coast. When I worked at the Apple store and we would help customers get set up/choose or change plans etc. with Rogers, Telus, Bell and Fido (initially just Rogers and Fido of course) I could not BELIEVE how terribly Bell would treat their customers. The AUDACITY, my god. And this is not to say that Rogers Telus and Fido aren’t really bad already!! So you have to set the bar REALLY low to be significantly WORSE than even those other 3 terrors. SMH

  • Point Gadget

    Never read detailed review anywhere ! Did anyone bought this ?