Bell Debuts $27.50 and $50 Fab Promo Plans Today


Today Bell has released some new ‘Fab Promo Plans’ that include My5 and My10. Here’s what’s available…

Fab 5 & Text Promo: $27.50 (not for the iPhone)

  • For ‘messaging devices’
  • Unlimited text, picture, video messaging
  • 150 anytime minutes
  • Unlimited evening and weekends from 6pm-7am
  • Fab 5; unlimited talk to 5 numbers
  • Call waiting, call conferencing
Fab 10 Promo: $50
  • For smartphones (iPhone) and BlackBerry
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
  • 200 anytime minutes
  • Unlimited evening and weekends from 6pm-7am
  • 100 MB data
  • Fab 10; unlimited calling to 10 numbers
  • Call waiting, call conferencing
The $50 Fab 10 Promo sounds enticing, except there isn’t much data at 100 MB. However if you’re a super light data user that only checks email and uses lots of WiFi…this could be calling your name. Thoughts?


  • Gobi

    Lousy plan.

  • Nick

    Rogers has the same in market offer but with 200MB of data.

  • Jack021

    The 50 plan got  caller id and message center too

  • Bell employee

    bell sucks ball, bro

  • Johnson

    @591b73b7deeed0e621e166e8b5d0f49b:disqus Yes Rogers has a similar offer, but Bell’s is actually better and here’s why:
    Roger’s is 52.13 (so $75 extra over the term) and the extra data is $10 per 100 mb while Bell is $10 for 200 mb and lastly the Bell plan includes caller id and voicemail ($12/month from Rogers) for a total savings of $432 over the term.
    I work for a multi-carrier and I deal with these plans daily, and Bell’s version is better.
    Look into the plans before commenting.

  • Flaxx

    I pay $57/month for 250 anytime minutes, evenings and weekends from 6pm, unlimited incoming calls, call/name display, call waiting/conferencing, visual voicemail, unlimited mms/SMS, and 6GB of data. It’s a bargained retention plan through Robbers though.

  • aRhyno

    I eat 100MB for breakfast, thank you 6GB