Bell Launches New Fibe TV App for Live TV, with Apple Watch Remote Control


Bell today has launched a new version of their Fibe TV app for iOS and Android users. The new version allows customers to watch and control live television on their iPhones and iPads, plus Apple Watch users can also control their TV from the wrist:

What’s New in Version 2.0.710

You can now watch practically all the channels you enjoy with your Fibe TV service directly on your mobile device. Plus, you can control your TV with your Apple watch.

Bell fibe tv Bell fibe tv 2

Rizwan Jamal, President of Bell Residential Services, said in a statement “The Fibe TV app truly changes the game in television by bringing the full power of the Fibe experience to your mobile devices.”

The Apple Watch version of Fibe TV brings full navigation, channel changing, access to favourite channels and recording shows right from your smartwatch.

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Of course, with mobile streaming of TV, that will use a lot of data. So definitely beware of how much you’ll be watching on the go with this app.

Early reviews are saying this update is buggy, as some are unable to successfully pair the app to their receivers. Let us know how you like this.

Click here to download Bell’s Fibe TV app from the App Store.


  • Pierre Roy

    well this has been worth the wait! I swear they didn’t update the old one for over a year. it still had iOS 6 design and wasn’t formatted for iPhone 6. This looks amazing! Can’t wait to try when i get home!

  • It’s finally great!!!! 🙂

  • Cool, but like this story says I can’t pair my receivers. Once that bug is fixed, it should be pretty awesome

  • I wasn’t able to pair it this morning… but now it’s fine 🙂

  • Cassandra Hamilton

    It’s completely screwed up our access to Apple tv via our Harmony remote. We were away when this change occurred and we were on the phone for 2 hours with Bell on basic issue of pairing our 2 ipads to the new version, now we find we cant access apple tv or netflix

  • Cassandra Hamilton

    There is a bug with the new version….u can only pair max of 3 devices!!!