Bell Launches Gigabit Fibe Internet in Ontario, Quebec for $149.95 Per Month


Bell has announced its customers can now subscribe to “Canada’s fastest Internet service” Gigabit Fibe, available to its 1.3 million customers in Quebec and Ontario. The company says Gigabit Fibe offers downloads speeds up to 940 Mbps, with speeds exceeding 1 Gigabit or faster in 2016. Atlantic Canada will get Gigabit Fibe by the end of September.

Looking at the price chart below, Gigabit Fibe is available at $149.95 per month as a standalone Internet option, which offers 100 Mbps uploads and unlimited data usage. Bell says customers can upgrade to Gigabit Fibe in their bundles for an additional $10 per month as part of a temporary promo, for Fibe 25 users and up.

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The fine print (it’s always good to read the fine print) says there is a $49.95 “Activation Fee,” along with a “one-time modem rental fee” of $99.95, but this is being credited to customers as a one-time discount.

Rizwan Jamal, President of Bell Residential Services, said in a statement “Gigabit Fibe is tomorrow’s technology, offering consumers the Internet access speeds that will enable them to take full advantage of online advancements into the future.”

Bell Gigabit Fibe is available in Brampton, Kingston, Kitchener-Waterloo, Milton, Ottawa, Peterborough and Regent Park, the Distillery District, Harbourfront and Willowdale areas in Toronto.

In Quebec, the service is available in Beloeil, Blainville, Chambly, Châteauguay, Gatineau, Joliette, La Prairie, Laval, Lévis, Magog, Montreal, Repentigny, Quebec City, Saint-Constant, Saint-Eustache, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Saint-Jérôme, Saint-Luc, Sherbrooke, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Sorel-Tracy, Terrebonne, and Vaudreuil-Dorion.

Let us know if you’re going to sign up for this.


  • Rio

    “Bell says customers can upgrade to Gigabit Fibe in their bundles for an additional $10 per month.”

    Is this right? So if Im on a 15MB package and Gigabit is available, its just $10 more for gigabit>?

  • According to the Bell website, the $10/mo promo is only available for those with Fibe 25 and up.

  • digitalzeros

    LOL. I just called. I have Fibe 25 with the additional unlimited usage. The CS rep said that I CAN NOT have the $10 upgrade and keep my Unlimited usage. To which I replied “why would I keep it? Gigabit internet is unlimited” Right??

    He went on to explain that you can not use both promos. So essentially, all you get to upgrade is the speed.

    To which I replied “who the hell needs that kind of speed if they’re gonna bust their usage cap in less than a day?”

    So I got the ol’ “we understand blah blah blah but them the facts y’all”

    Conclusion : If you want the “unlimited” Gigabit plan you need to upgrade to the $150 plan. The $10 upgrade promo is garbage. Unless you only use the internet for twitter only of course.

  • Oh dear oh dear

  • I’m looking into the 10$ more upgrade option, i’ll post my findings later today

  • Miguel Bertrand

    yes, gigabit tweeetz FINALLY!

  • Never has tweeting been so fast!

  • Cyrus Wu

    Well, I can actually use this. Ottawa ftw (do we still use this slang?)

  • Metromiller

    Miguel, I saw your post two days ago. Those Fibe tweets are crazy fast. #DeLorean.
    Gary, what took you so long to comment?!

  • Lol…err…I mean haha

    (facebook survey on the decline of LOL)

  • I’m still stuck in 1985!

  • Dave

    I wonder how the various cable companies will respond since this is a pretty serious speed jump over anything they currently offer. I believe none of the cable companies go north of 250 yet.

  • Bernard Sincennes

    and by the meantime, thousands of people do not have more than 5 mbits available.

  • tipoo2

    I thought it was bad when Eastlink was providing me half the bandwidth of Bell for the same price, but this pits it closer to a 1:10 ratio! Eastlink, get your move on.