Bell iPhone 5 Online Pre-Orders Are Now Live [Update: Existing Customers Unable To Order]



Looks like existing Bell customer are unable to pre-order the iPhone 5 through their website at this moment. We’ve received word from a Bell customer via twitter that only new customers can order the iPhone 5 online, while existing Bell customers need to call their helpline or visit in-store to pre-order an iPhone 5.

Thanks @l_f_designs for the heads up!

With Telus and Virgin iPhone 5 orders going live soon after Apple’s own iPhone 5 pre-orders in Canada, Bell iPhone 5 pre-orders have now gone live as well. For those planning to place an order with Bell and are hoping to receive it on launch day, must act fast as shipping times are slipping fast.

Bell iPhone 5 pre-orders are priced at 179/$279/$379 for 16GB/32GB/64GB models respectively.


Are you pre-ordering the iPhone 5 from Bell? Don’t forget to share with us how it goes, especially in terms of shipping estimates!


  • iPab

    As an existing customer, I was only able to do it at the store. I was the second person to leave a deposit and they said they weren’t sure I would get it on the 21st?

  • Kimmy

    Bell is incredibly frustrating. We went to the store this morning to preorder. We were told we couldn’t order the 16GB. My friend who is with Rogers said she had the option of the 16gb. Feels like another money grab from Bell.

  • Existing Fido customer here who can’t reserve either. Their sevice is being horribly vague and unhelpful on top of that.

  • Hyperextension

    It says right on the Bell preorder page that only 32 GB and 64GB were available in store during preorder.

  • swotam

    They’re like that every year, it never changes. On top of that, Fido is only taking reservations for the 16GB, so if you want something else you’re out of luck anyway.

  • Yeah, unfortunately I want the 16GB so even though I’m eligible- I still can’t.

    It’s funny, I really want to give them $179 and a 3 year commitment of my patronage, but they’re making it extremely hard for me.

  • ACltd

    The website says that existing customers can go into the Bell store or call in to the service center. I called into the service center, and they said unlike the 4s, this year they are not taking preorders over the phone

  • bionicmonk

    Walked into the Eaton Center mall, wrote my name down on a sheet of paper the dude at the desk handed to me and walked out. Apparently that is how they’re taking reservations. No deposit or anything needed.

  • RDS

    I walked to Bell store by Union Station Pathway, and dude walked in the store at 8:15am and opened the store late instead of 8am BUT Rogers across him already opened before 8 am to a few people. I was first in line at Bell, then this dude was not in a good mood, and even charged me extra $30 In-store service fee on top of $279, WTF??? If I ordered online this charge would not happened even Bell customer retention told me they waive my $35 activation fee, but this extra $30 is freakin’ highway robbery. You can’t pre-book online or by phone and they force you to go to the store and you get charged this extra fee. He entered all my info and I paid, got a print out and my iPhone 32Gb White will be ready for pick up Sept. 21 he said as he called to confirm the stock will be in and set aside for preorders.

  • Kimmy

    I’d be fine with that if they didn’t lie straight out and tell me apple isn’t letting anyone preorder the 16GB anywhere. Give me a break.

  • Ordered a 32gb this morning no issues no expected delivery tho

  • Ben

    I was just charged a $20 fee for them to sell me the 32GB iphone 5. D:
    then on my next bill i have a $35 admin fee?

    also they couldn’t take pre-orders till 1:00pm!

    AND $40 for a number change I needed.

  • erik thiessen

    i order my iphone 5 thru apples app on my iphone 4. they didn’t ask me if i wanted a nano sim. what should i do?

  • went to the Bell flagship store downtown montreal… Maybe 6-7 persons in front of me but was quick. No fees or charges… Only 279$+tx for the black 32Gb… Everything went smooth and they told me to come back on friday 21 to pick my iPhone… and she said no need to rush since it might be a modscene… but my iPhone is reserved! Happy 🙂

  • I was wondering and can’t find the info… but i read somewhere that Bell would be the only one in Canada to support the new Audio HD on the iPhone 5…. anyone knows if true or more info ?? thanks 🙂

  • swotam

    Go to your carrier store and get one from them. Note that they may charge you for it depending on the store, the person, the phase of the moon, etc.

  • John

    You know all these Bell stores look the same with big Bell logo sign at overhead entrance, same interior, same uniforms, so how the freak are you supposed to know it’s a third party store or flagship store, invoice even has Bell logo, they all should be charging consistent not one store charges service fee extra and other doesn’t. Got mine 32 GB Black and got charged $20 service fee.

  • iPab

    I agree. You have no idea what you’re getting. They asked for a $50 deposit when I pre-ordered. From what we’ve seen below, some here got charged less; others had to pay the full amount; and some left nothing. What gives? The most infuriating part is that Bell itself doesn’t allow pre-orders on its website. I wish Apple and the Canadian carriers would get their stuff together so you could order from Apple’s site, just like our buddies down south can.

  • Costa

    Went to a bell dealer store at sheridan mall. First one there. They commited that’d i’d have the phone on the 21st. Also got dinged a $30 fee though. Not happy about that. Otherwise i look forward to getting my 32gb iphone next week.

  • Costa

    I did an hug and had to pay the $279 + tax up front.

  • ACltd

    i would call customer service. South Edmonton Common Bell was really nice and just charged me $379.95 + TAX for a 64 GB

  • Alex

    i pre-ordered mine through my local bell store, they said that they would give me a call when it came in and I can go pick it up from there. Im hoping it is available next friday!

  • Katelyn

    Will bell be receiving 16gb iphone 5 on sept 21st?

  • Officetek

    $30 fee? I did the same at my Bell store with no fee. Did you get ripped off or is there a $30 fee in my future?!