Bell Launches New Student Plans For iPhone


As Rogers and Telus launch their student plans, this week Bell has finalized their iPhone compatible student offers.

Bell Student Plans

This summer, students have, among the other Bell plans, two specific iPhone student plans available to them. Both plans are available only on a 3-year agreement. Details are as follows:

$40.00 Student Plan

  • Minutes: 200 daytime minutes
  • Data: 100MB
  • Evenings & Weekends: Unlimited at 6PM
  • Unlimited Features Included: Unlimited text messages & Unlimited Nationwide talk and text to 10 numbers
  • Calling Features Included: Call Waiting, Conference Calling

The $40 plan is not bad, except that 100MB of data would not be good for an iPhone. Then again, if you can keep under 100MB, which is not a lot of data, the plan could work.

$50.00 Student Plan

  • Minutes: 200 daytime minutes
  • Data: 500MB
  • Evenings & Weekends: Unlimited at 6PM
  • Unlimited Features Included: Unlimited text messages & Unlimited Nationwide talk and text to 10 numbers
  • Calling Features Included: Call Waiting, Conference Calling

The $50 plan adds $10 over the previous student offer and increases the data by 400MB. This plan is comparable with the standard iPhone $50 voice and data plan from Bell that includes 500MB of data and does not include both unlimited text messages and Fab10.

Between the two student offers, the $50 option seems to offer more value, especially for an iPhone.

The student plans are available now and will require student identification from a Canadian post-secondary institution. The plans are also available to existing Bell customers if they meet the student requirement and renew their account on a 3-year agreement.



  • Ira

    I got this plan, it also comes with unlimited Facebook, twitter, and myspace. I called and asked how they can tell what data I’m using on the iPhone as I didn’t want a huge bill if I went over the 500mb by using the social networking feature. She said they track our data, but also said she’s never heard of this deal and has no idea. I asked her to check the website, she seemed annoyed. I left Rogers, paid the $500 to kill contract, and came to bell. So far their customer service is WAY worse than Rogers. I didn’t think was even possible. I tried to get them to match the Telus $55 student plan which kills this plan, they said no way.Anyone else sign up for the fab 10 50 with unlimited social networking? Curious as to how they will bill it. I need help on how to deal with bell, Rogers was easy, you threaten to leave and they give you anything you want, bell, not so much

  • Junior Cortorreal

    What you should have done is stay with rogers with Rogers I’m playing 55 for
    My 10 Canada wide
    250 day m
    Free after 61 gb data
    Free income Voicemail
    Caller I’d
    Unlimited weekends
    2500 texts
    100 Canadian longd mins
    And unlimited social networking.

    Bell sucks get out of there if you still can

  • Seems like a bit of a rip-off… I’ve got a $50 regular plan for my iPhone 4 from Telus that gives me 150+450 minutes, unlimited texting (which was an option. I could have also gone with a FAV5 thing), 1GB of data, and free evening calling after 6PM…

  • Mmjtone

    Just re-signed my daughter to Virgin mobile.
    $25 Myplan
    – 100 local daytime, unlimited after 7 pm
    – unlimited international text
    + $30/6Gb data
    – use Skype for unlimited US/Canada LD – $31/yr

  • Why doesn’t Bell allow high school students to get these discounts like Rogers does?

  • Bb147

    they do

  • Bb147

    Its just based on domain, if its,, then it won’t use your data.. exact same way Rogers does it. The telus one is not bad.. $5 for an extra 500mb of data.

    PS: its hard to get any offers if you JUST signed up.. Rogers “was” easy because you have been with them for more then a month.

  • I agree, i have a very simular plan. i pay 54+ tax for the same plan but i have unlimited Text/mms and unlimited incoming calls. no LD minutes

  • Chris from Europe

    Canada is probably the most expensive country for mobile communication (I’ve never heard of any carrier charging for incoming calls or messages before I came here) but this new plan for student tops it all! 100MB for 40$ a month and a 3-year (!!!) agreement…

  • Kabino

    So wait, I’m currently going to grade 10 ( in about 2 weeks), and live in Quebec. Am I illegible for the 50$ plan?

  • Junkmailinu

    For anyone thinking of going with Bell, DON’T!!! They are the worst for customer service and even worse when it comes to over charging and hidden fees. They were found to be the worst out of the big three when it came to over charging.. If you like getting ripped off and having to deal with crap customer service then go with them.. I was with them a while back on a two year term and regreted it the whole time.

  • Junkmailinu

    And this student plan is crap they don’t give you nearly enough data for the iPhone

  • Shnoggins

    Actually, 500 MB is more than enough data for a lot of people. I’m one of those people. I consistently use between 200-300 MB per month.

    Safe to say, I’ll be going with this plan when they get in stock.

  • Andy H

    What is this plan called and how did you get it…. its awesome!!

  • TH

    What about visual voicemail and call display…add up those extras and really becomes a pretty lame deal. Bell sucks.

  • guest

    Holy shit 2-300 mb. i use 50-75 mb per day, so glad i have 6 gb of data

  • Shnoggins

    Short of watching porn all day I have no idea how people use that much data. I once managed to use over 1GB but that was only because I turned off the WiFi on my phone.

  • Chrome262

    And it was 30 bucks, i think this student plan is crap. i mean if you get a voice plan and put for 25 and the data for 30 for 6 gigs then its a better deal from fido or rogers. Bell is not really offering anything special here.

  • Dan

    POST-SECONDARY = not high school.

    IMHO, grade 10ers dont need iphones, but i am willing to bet you are a west islander

  • I have such a shit plan compared to some of you guys… I got the student plan last summer with Rogers. Here’s what I have:

    100 weekday minutes(+50 bonus) / unlimited evenings and weekends
    1000 texts
    6gb data
    caller id

  • I know lots of people are are paying for that 6gb data plan for 30ish.
    It’s a great plan but almost everyone I know who has it rarely even
    tops 1gb. 500megs for that matter.

    For those of you who have it, check your billing history to see if
    your actually using more then 500megs a month, because you could
    dramatically reduce your bill by getting a great value pack instead. I
    know rogers has a “5dollars for double data” 500 to 1gb add-on. Just
    something to think about.

  • Hatchet

    I went over my 6GB plan. Don’t do that it’s costly. I like to stream my music I have a lot on my pc at home. I also use Sirius radio a lot at work. So it is possible. It just depends on what you’re doing with your phone

  • Junkmailinu

    If you’re already with bell and stuck on one of their contracts than I feel sorry for you, but if you’re just now thinking of joining then FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T. I cannot stress enough how much they suck over everyone else.

  • Yes it dose. I mainly use emails and web browsing. For radio yea 6gb is good

  • You can just add the 30$ 6gig of data to one of these and it’s pretty stellar. That’s what I did.

  • shiggypoo

    Still doesn’t come close to the new plan I just activated with Telus over the weekend:

    $60.43 + tax/month
    350 DT Minutes
    Unl Eves/Wknds @ 6pm
    Caller ID + Vis Voicemail
    6GB of Data
    Unlimited Texting
    Unlimited Telus-Telus calling
    $0.10 /min Canada LD

  • That’s not bad. To bad it’s telus lol
    (has bad experiences with telus)

  • Sam

    How did you guys get it? How is it called?

  • Samuel

    What’s this plan called? It sounds quite good..

  • They are retention plans. Special plans either reduced price, or
    modified to help sooth unsatisfied customers (in most cases) in my
    case Rogers screwed up, and I had their asses for breach of contract
    when they modified my contract without my knowledge. After a couple
    choice words, I made sure things happen, and I was not taking “no” for
    an answer.
    Customer relations or a similar department are the only ones who can
    give them out.

    There is other ways, but you will often get told no, and will have to
    fight for it.
    Hope that answers your questions, and helps if you decide to shoot for
    one yourself

  • Shaz

    ya, I have a serious rentention plan from rogers. For $25 per month excluding tax I get:
    250daytime min
    early evening calling option from 6pm
    unlimited weekends after 6pm
    unlimited incoming texts
    unlimited texts messages
    caller id, call waiting, call forwarding and conference calling
    rogers to rogers free and also rogers to fido free
    system activation fee for $6.75 per month
    so my total comes to around $35 per month approximately.

  • Sounds like you have the early $17.50 EEP plan + 10 Dollar Value pack
    its pretty nice. thats the perfect plan to throw the 6Gb Data on

  • Kayla

    Can you get the iPhone at 99$ on a three year contract with the 50$ student plan ? are they compatible?

  • Ex


  • TJ

    does the 50$ plan actually only cost 50$? or are there other fees that are not included in this?

  • Always extra Fee’s like you gov. fee “the new system access fee” + tax so realisticly probably like 60 after everything

  • These are not iPhone specific plans. From a Bell Mobility Bulletin “Introducing a new Student $40 combo plan, designed for mobile phones, that includes 100 MB of data usage for mobile browser, in addition to Fab Ten and Unlimited text.”
    Also, the $50 plan is available to all smartphones, it comes in a BlackBerry/Palm/CDMA version, and also a HSPA (excluding BlackBerry) version (the only difference being the HSPA version includes unlimited Facebook/Twitter/MySpace).

  • simplysweet

    I called bell because i wanted the $40 student plan because i’m not going to use more then 100mb. And they said they didn’t have that plan, so i’m pisssed

  • Tintin-haddock

    Why did the Virgin Mobile Canada Customer Service agent say that if I bought an iphone through them, I could not, down the road, use that iphone to start up a service in the US when I move down there?


  • kwall17

    how much does it cost for more data?

  • i dont know if Bell dose it, but Rogers has a feature called “double your data” for $5 example if you have a plan that has 500Mb data pay an extra $5 on top and they bump it up to 1GB

    i know we are not talking about Rogers here, but being a competitor its worth asking them ^_~

  • Deryk

    i am going into grade nine in 3 weeks and the I was able to get the plan.

  • Deryk

    i am going into grade nine in 3 weeks and the I was able to get the plan.