Bell Offers $55 ‘Unlimited’ Plan with 5GB Data to Saskatchewan


A week ago we told you about the TELUS offer to Saskatchewan and Manitoba, a $60 Canada-wide unlimited plan with 5GB of data. Now it appears Bell has responded with a similar plan in Saskatchewan.

The plan name is called “Saskatchewan Voice and Data” and includes:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
  • 5GB of shareable data ($10/GB overages)
  • 10 hours of Bell Mobile TV
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi at Bell hotspots
  • Caller ID/Voicemail is $7 extra
  • $55/month

Since this Bell plan doesn’t include caller ID and voicemail like the TELUS plan, it works out to just $2 more (but visual voicemail is $5/month more on TELUS). The plan is available for consumers and small businesses in Saskatchewan, for new or existing customers. Let us know if you jump on this in SK!

[via RedFlagDeals]


  • Rio

    Why dont they have these plans here?

    They are suppose to be able to offer the better plans in markets with more volume, i dont get it. Everyone would jump onto this plan.

  • I’m not certain. I think the $7 voicemail and caller ID is for regular voicemail and not visual. Also this plan does not let you share data with your other devices and phones. That I’m aware of

  • Bring this to BC and other provinces!!!

  • I agree, its almost backwards, its the same for internet prices, its cheaper the farther out in the sticks you go. Dam monopolies, its bad enough we pay the some of the highest prices in the world for Data, but get less competition in the larger cities??

  • Even with no visual voicemail, this is still a killer plan. I’d love to get my hands on this.

  • Jas

    Why isn’t this available in Ontario!!!

  • captaincrown

    It’s because the dominant cellular company is government owned and the private companies have to lower their prices to compete.

  • gerry

    I’m still getting a better deal, a whole dollar saving at $54 for my 6GB plan.

  • Nightfly

    I am jealous, we never get a great deal like this in Ontario. Seriously thinking about moving back to Saskatchewan.

  • cUn1t

    Virgin has the $60 plan. That plan includes CD/VM.

  • Randall Montgomery

    Lower prices, more consumers, higher profits. it’s easier to sell 1000 units at 5 dollars than it is at 6 dollars. cellular market control is phasing out. I’d like to see them forced to tell you all the sub cell companies the big guy own so when we leave a cellco for reason we’re not jumping into another contract with one of their subs. they should have to show the subs on their web pages.

  • Randal Montgomery

    It’s 56 buck now.

  • susanls

    I’m getting regular calls from Rogers now that my plan expired. They want me to upgrade.I’ve got a 3GS 32g. they want me to go with a 4G 8g for free. Yesterday they offered a 5 8g for 429 without canada wide, but unlike last call they included my10. Things are definately getting more and more interesting the long I wait. Who’s lowering prices and upping add ons tomorrow?

  • Jordan

    it is with bell/virgin in thunder bay only. I have the plan :

    – 6gb of data.

    – Unlimited nationwide minutes

    – caller id / vmail

    – 10 hours of bell internet tv

    – unliimited canada,us,international text sent from canada.

    I pay $ 50 a month plus tax